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Ariel comes out with her Angels at her side. Torrie is standing tall while Trish has a collar around her neck and a leash that leads up to Ariel. They’re met with instant boos and jeers as they walk and crawl down the ramp.

Some in the crowd are holding the “why Trish? Why?” Signs. Others are throwing things at the trio. Trish has her head down as she heads down the ramp. Ariel is smiling knowing she is the most hated superstar on the roster right now.

They make their way into the ring. Trish enters through the bottom rope and the others through the second rope. They stand in a position so that Ariel is in the middle and Torrie and Trish are at her side. Trish sits on the floor of the mat like little puppy.

The crowd is ruthless as they express anger and hatred towards the trio. Some jeer for Trish to come back.

Ariel, “Well hello!” The crowd boos even more uncontrollably. “Last night we were booked in a match against the Beautiful People at Survivor Series. While this isn’t something I had plans for participating in I’ll go along. But make no mistake the reason I’m here is to get the title around my waist. Therefore, Paige, or whomever is champion that title is coming to me and if it’s Paige I’m sending an Angel or two to get my title since I’m banned from getting a title shot from you.

Torrie has a mic too, “…And if you want Paige to loose the title even sooner vote me in to take the title and become champion!”

Ariel glares at Torrie before rolling her eyes and continuing, “Once Survivor Series is over I’m coming for what’s mine! On the other hand, there was some footage that didn’t make it to air last night and I want to air footage of your broken hero. Please divert your attention to the screen.”

Footage airs what happened at Hell in a cell:

Ariel’s in her chair and Torrie at her side. Trish stratus is standing in front of them with a collar around her neck and a leash that leads to Ariel.

“Trish Stratus get on your knees!” Ariel proclaims.

Trish without much hesitation falls to her knees before Ariel and looks up at Ariel seductively and like an obedient dog. The crowd boos thunderously at what they’re seeing.

Torrie starts to look around beginning to worry for her safety.

Ariel extends her hand in front of Trish, “Lick dog.” Ariel’s fingernails are painted black as she carelessly extends her hand before Trish.

Trish is hesitant at first. She momentarily looks to the raucous crowd that are trying to bring her back to them.

Trish slightly parts her lips she’s still not sure if she should do this. Trish is unable to break this hold Ariel possesses over her mind right now. There’s a mental block in her head that simply doesn’t allow her to say ‘no’. Trish wants to say ‘no’ but that block in her head won’t let her.

Ariel looks to the jeering crowd that’s demanding Trish to come back to them. Ariel is seeing hesitance in Trish as Trish looks around the audience. As soon as she sees Trish’s lips part Ariel takes advantage and shoves her fingers in Trish’s mouth.

Trish not feeling like she has much of choice accepts that Ariel’s fingers are in her mouth. Trish presses her lips around Ariel’s fingers. She begin sucking on her fingers. Trish closes her eyes and focuses on licking Ariel’s fingers in her mouth. One by one Ariel inserts each finger into Trish’s mouth. From the pinky to the index Trish licks Ariel’s fingers clean. Ariel hangs her hand loosely in Trish face as Trish takes each one into her mouth.

The audience is throwing things into the ring unhappy with what they’re seeing. Torrie gets hit by one of the items being thrown. A hotdog gets thrown towards Ariel but Torrie intercepts it. Torrie tries piss the audience off more, “Pretend it’s a dick Trish! Your good at sucking those!”

The crowd chants, “bullshit!” as they grow more and more ruthless.

Trish is still sucking Ariel’s fingers like a new puppy. Trish has always been an overachiever. She intends to do a good job of the work at hand. Ariel angles her fingers in a way so that Trish is getting her tongue between Ariel’s fingernails and skin cleaning the dirt that lies between.

Ariel feels her fingers getting slightly tugged in Trish’s mouth as she begins petting Trish in the ring with her other hand. It becomes relaxing for Ariel as she sits at her chair and her fingers are warmly gently sucked. Having her fingers in Trish’s mouth is a sensation that only Ariel is able to feel.

The camera can see in the background fights starting to breakout in the crowd.

A ref tells them they need to leave the ring for the safety of the show.

Ariel like a cat, takes her fingers out of Trish mouth quickly but not without scratching Trish tongue with her black fingernails. Ariel wipes her fingers on Trish’s face and hair as Trish shuts her eyes. Ariel cleans her hands on Trish like a towel. She reaches for her leash.

The trio leave the ring with Trish on all fours crawling on her hands and knees along with Torrie and Ariel walking up the ramp.

The footage ends.

Ariel, “Trish is not yours anymore she’s mine!”

An “Asshole” chant begins being chanted loudly.

Torrie, “Ariel, if I can be so kind to interrupt. Can my ass finally kiss Trish. Just once??”

Ariel looks at Torrie before rolling her eyes ignoring her and continuing, “I want to get Survivor Series over with. I’ve selected Trish to compete next week with you Carrie. This will be the first time you all get to see MY Trish Stratus in action. Velvet come on out and let’s make this quick.”

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