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Stephanie is in the ring with her muscle, Ashley Graham.

Tonight, we will finally find out who Paige will put her title on the line against at Survivor Series. Let’s take a look at the results!

Paige’s entrance music plays as she heads out to the top of the ramp. Paige is confident as she carries her title over shoulder. “You should have put your name in that poll Steph. I think the world wants to see me kick your ass more than anyone else on that poll, dear. If you want, I can make it easier for you. You can team with that 200-hundred-pound gorilla to fight me Steph, whatever it takes for me to just kick your ass.”

Ashely angered by Paige’s comment charges forward but Stephanie calms her down.

Stephanie, annoyed by Paige, “Paige, you embarrassment, you really think you can do this crap to me. You’re not scheduled for a match tonight and I don’t care if it’s not a pay per view tonight, but your stepping into the ring tonight against one of the people that lost that fucking poll. You’re facing Robbie tonight! And Paige, DEAR, don’t worry about me, worry about your opponent at Survivor Series, she points to the tron…

Paige will face Kelly Kelly one on one for the WWE Title.

Paige, looks on from the stage, annoyed that she’s fighting tonight but she’s happy she’s getting under Steph’s skin. “Well I’ll beat your rookie Robbie then, and Kelly I know you’re watching, come get some!”

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