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11 RAW Robbie Interview

Margot has an exclusive interview with Robbie with Angela by by her side.

Margot: “Girls a big opportunity for you to shine as Robbie steps into the ring in her debut match against the champion Paige! You all must be excited for this!”

Robbie: “omg we were sad we didn’t get the votes in the polling but we got the next best thing! A match tonight to show off what we can do against the best wrestler in the world, Paige! Paige, girl, we’re not taking this lightly tonight I need to prove myself. I love what you do in that ring but I need to make some waves on here to get featured. Your my ticket to getting booked!”

Angela: “I’m so proud of my girl Robbie! Paige… Robbie’s here for impact!”

The set is interrupted as Carrie and the Beautiful People walk by the set.

Carrie and the Beautiful People are shown entering Kelly’s locker room??

Margot looks on salivating at getting the news on what’s going on there.

Ross: “I wonder what’s going on there?”

Angela and Robbie also look on curiously. Robbie “uhmmm my match is next so uh I gotta go.”

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