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Participants still in the match:

(1) Brandi Rhodes

(2) Kelly Kelly

(3) Carrie Underwood

(8) Candice Michelle

(9) Anna Jay

(10) Paige

11 Brandi Lauren

JR: “A new face making her way out right now in Brandi!”

Brandi enters the ring as Carrie is getting to her feet. Brandi bashes her skull into Carrie’s head giving her a massive headbutt. Carrie falls to the ground like dead-weight.

Paige is in the middle of releasing Kelly from the PTO when Brandi bounces off the ropes. Paige is almost ready for Brandi but Brandi nearly cuts Paige in half with a wicket spear off the ropes.

King: “This was unexpected!”

Brandi Lauren picks up a weakened Paige, and throws her over the top rope. The crowd is stunned.

Paige (10) Eliminated by Brandi Lauren (11)

12. Kathryn Dunn

JR: “Another new face joining the mix!”

Kathryn enters the ring and goes immediately after Brandi Lauren, who’s the only one standing. All of the other combatants are laid out.

Brandi Lauren forcefully tackles Kathryn down and pounds way at her, Kathryn is trying to cover up from the blows but Brandi Lauren is showing no remorse.

In frustration, over not being able to land a decent punch, Brandi reaches down and grabs Kathryn and headbutts her with that massive cranium of hers. It knocks Kathryn out in the middle of the ring. Brandi Lauren grabs Kathryn by her hair, pulling her upward. Kathryn isn’t even fighting anymore. Brandi Lauren lifts her up over her shoulders in full gorilla press above her head. She walks over to the ropes and tosses her unceremoniously out of the ring.

Kathryn Dunn (10) Eliminated by Brandi Lauren (11)

13. Charlotte Flair makes her way out.

JR: “This is a debut here for Charlotte tonight, King!”

Charlotte enters the ring quickly and goes for a big boot. Brandi Lauren side-steps it and gets behind Charlotte and gives a German suplex to the Queen, stunning her upon impact. A dazed Charlotte is slowly getting to her feet off the impact she just sustained.

Brandi Lauren again sneaks up behind her and gives another German suplex to the Queen. This time Charlotte didn’t get up immediately.

Candice Michelle sneaks up behind Brandi Lauren and charges her shoulder into her the back of Brandi Lauren’s knee, causing her to fall forward onto her knees.

King: “Finally someone is stepping in to calm this woman down!”

Anna Jay picks up where Candice left off and delivers a big running boot to the face of Brandi Lauren, finally bringing her down.

14. Mickie James

Mickie enters the ring to a nice pop from the crowd. She enters and climbs to the top rope. She launches in mid air towards Candice Michelle and lands a Lou Thesz press on her, bringing the both of them down.

Kelly and Brandi are both crawling to get back up into the match. They both see each other and are rather surprised to see that the both of them are still in this match. Their momentary gaze is ended when Anna Jay kicks Brandi Rhodes right in the face, like a soccer ball. Brandi Rhodes goes down motionless.

Kelly gets up, not wanting to fall victim to the random acts of this match, and is met by the Queen. Charlotte grabs Kelly in a head lock. Stuffing her under her arm and squeezing the temple of the former IC champ. Kelly’s running low on energy and already falls to one knee from the hold.

Mickie attacks Anna Jay from behind and wraps her up in a sleeper hold. She uses her arms and legs to wrap around the young, up-and-comer.

15. Melina

Melina makes her out.

JR: “There has been some recent heat going on between Melina and Anna Jay. On RAW, this past week, Anna Jay was set to have a match with Anna Jay but Melina came out and attacked her!”

Melina enters the ring and approaches Anna Jay and Mickie.

Anna Jay jumps into the air and lands on her tushy, causing a big jaw breaker onto Mickie who was still doing the sleeper hold. Both Mickie and Anna Jay are stunned from the move.

Melina snatches Anna Jay under her armpit and lands a California Dream on her, her leg collapsing over the throat of Anna Jay.

JR: “Anna Jay is down!”

Melina smiles down at her work.

16. Scarlett Bordeaux

King: “Another woman making her debut tonight, JR!”

Scarlett enters the ring and tackles Mickie James with some left-hand punches.

Melina begins picking up Anna Jay by her hair, yelling in her face, “There’s nothing special about you Anna Jay!” Melina then tosses Anna Jay over the top rope.

King: “Anna Jay hangs on!”

Melina turns around and notices. She heads over to knock her off but Anna Jay grabs her by the hair. She begins pulling Melina in close to her by her neck, dragging her over the top rope with her so that they’re both on the outside, on the apron. Melina begins swinging punches at Anna Jay’s sides causing Anna Jay to lose her grip. Melina with a punch to Anna Jay. Anna Jay swings back and returns the punch. They engage in a series of punches until Melina gets the upper hand. Anna Jay looks to be reeling.

Carrie Underwood runs up and bounces off the ropes the two women were at, both women go flying towards the announce table hitting the table before collapsing to the floor.

Carrie Underwood (3) Eliminates Melina (15) and Anna Jay (9)

Carrie laughs from the eliminations, “Losers!”

She turns around and Brandi Lauren spine busters her into the mat.

17. Anna Katharina

JR: “This woman debuted at last year’s Royal Rumble. Let’s see if she can have a better shot this time around!”

She heads to the ring to enter the fray.

Charlotte has Kelly over the top rope, struggling to get a resistant Kelly over it. Kelly is hanging onto the ropes not budging. She pokes the eye of Charlotte.

King: “That was a dirty move!”

Charlotte backs off of Kelly for a moment trying to get her vision back. Kelly has both feet now in the ring.

Charlotte turns around hoping to surprise Kelly with a big boot. The veteran instincts of Kelly kicks in. She grabs the top rope and lowers it so that Charlotte tumbles over it and loses her balance to fall over the top rope, eliminating herself, unintentionally.

Kelly (2) Eliminates Charlotte (13)

Brandi Lauren grabs Kelly and lifts her up and tosses her half way across the ring with a huge over-the-top Belly-to-Belly. Kelly lands onto Candice Michelle in the throw.

King: “Brandi Lauren is looking to impress tonight with a strong showing here!”

JR: “She’s making her moment tonight!”

18. Sasha Banks

King: “It’s BOSS TIME!”

Sasha runs to the ring to enter the match.

Scarlett is suffocating Mickie under her breasts, holding her head close. Mickie is fading fast, until she goes limp.

Sasha enters the ring and gets Scarlett off of Mickie. Sasha locks her in out of nowhere in the Banks Statement.

Brandi Rhodes is to her feet now; she looks exhausted from the match. The soccer kick from Anna Jay left her loopy. Candice grabs her by the hair and looks to toss her over the top rope. She runs with her before Brandi turns it around and tosses Candice over the top rope.

Brandi Rhodes (1) Eliminates Candice Michelle (8).

King: “No shame there, she lasted a long time!”

19. Angela

Angela makes a dash for the ring. Carrie Underwood catches a glimpse of an angry Angela and she runs to the ring.

JR: “By gawd, King! This may be the only rivalry that’s lasted a year plus! Here we are now with a returning Angela with her eyes dead set on Carrie. This all started over a year ago with Carrie stabbing Angela with a microphone and Robbie getting fired over a match she was suppose to have with Carrie at last year’s Royal Rumble!”

King: “I remember JR! The match never happened because Robbie ended up losing her career because Carrie threatened to hurt Angela some more while she was in a hospital bed!”

Just before Angela enters the ring she lifts up the curtain covering the bottom of the ring. She looks to be looking for something under there.

She pulls out a steel chair, to the delight of the audience. The crowd goes wild at this. Carrie looks on in horror.

Angela enters the ring and swings the chair at Brandi Lauren, easily bringing down the powerhouse player.

Angela swings again and nails Brandi Rhodes in the back with it. Angela is trying to make her way to Carrie, as Carrie tries to hide behind each Rumble entrant.

King: “She’s like a terminator killing everyone in her way right now with that women!”

Angela uses the chair and nails Anna Katharina in her head with the chair.

Sasha Banks releases the Bank Statement she had on Scarlett earlier. She doesn’t want to get caught in the cross fires. She sneaks up behind Angela and pulls the chair away from her.  

Mickie is in the top rope. She jumps into the air and delivers a Micki-can-ranna to an unsuspecting Angela.

King: “The sweet thighs of Mickie taking out Angela with that maneuver!”

20. Alexa Bliss

JR: “Alexa Bliss enters the ring to round out the first 20 competitors, King!”

Alexa Bliss enters the ring and picks up Brandi Lauren, “I don’t know who you are… but you’re in my ring now sweet heart!” Alexa proceeds to toss Brandi Lauren up over the top rope to a big ovation from the crowd.

Alexa Bliss Eliminates Brandi Lauren

King: “Finally someone put the breaks on her!”

To be continued…

JR: “We’ve still got a loaded house here!”

Participants still here:

Brandi Rhodes (1)

Kelly Kelly (2)

Carrie Underwood (3)

Mickie James (14)

Scarlett Bordeux (16)

Anna Kathrina (17)

Sasha Banks (18)

Angela (19)

Alexa Bliss (20)

Up next: 15.1 Royal Rumble WWE CHAMP Trish Stratus vs. Lacey Von Erich.

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