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Kelly enters Stephanie’s office. Ashely is standing right besides Stephanie. Stephanie greets Kelly,
“Kelly it’s so good to see you!”

Kelly is taking precaution as she deals with Stephanie, “Hi Stephanie.”

Stephanie continues, “Kelly you’ve been chosen to fight Paige for the title at Survivor Series and I wanted to let you know if you need any assistance we can make the match at Survivor Series…” Steph pauses to choose her words carefully… “more interesting. For example, if you need support me and Ashley are here for you.”

Kelly looks at both Ashley and Stephanie before addressing her, “Thank you for your offer Stephanie, but I’m going to end Paige’s reign this Sunday and I want to do it alone, no offense.”

Stephanie nods, “Good luck Kelly, I’m rooting for you.” Stephanie seems unhappy with her rejection. Ashley shows Kelly out the door.”

Stephanie looks on pondering.

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