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Robbie and Angela are in the ring waiting for the champ to arrive. It’s obvious they’re pumped to be out tonight.

Paige makes her way out marching to the ring. She enters the ring and gives the title to the ref. She poses to the audience as she gets her usual boos.

Paige doesn’t give much thought to her opponent she casually looks them over and returns to posing for the audience.

Angela is outside of the ring excited to see Paige in person too.

Paige gets to her corner and waits for the bell to ring. Robbie is in her corner waiting for the bell to ring too.

Once the bell rings Paige approaches Robbie for a handshake. Robbie happily approaches Paige to shake her hand, “Good luck tonight, kid!”

“Thanks you, it’s an honor to…”

Paige kicks her in the mid section and levels Robbie with a stiff DDT.

The crowd boos as Angela looks on concerned.

Paige smiles to the reaction she’s getting as the boos encourage her to continue being nasty.

Paige grabs Robbie by her hair and lifts her up. She sets her up for the PTO and locks in.

Robbie is awakened from the ddt and screams in pain. A quick tap by Robbie as Paige sticks her tongue out mocking her opponent and the audience.

Paige let’s go of Robbie and as Angela rushes in to check on Robbie.

Paige grabs Angela and delivers a Paige Turner.

Paige grabs a mic and walks toward the hard camera so the audience at home can get a good look at her, “Whether it’s a Paige Turner or a PTO, come Survivor Series I’m finishing you off Kelly. No more rookies challenging me. This is my ring! This is my title! This is my show! This is my fuckin’ HOUSE!

Paige slams the mic onto the ground and walks off.

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