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Carrie Vs. Trish Stratus

Carrie’s in the ring solo as she looks on from the ring.

JR: “This is pretty historic king, we have the legendary Trish Stratus stepping into the ring with an icon of pop culture. This is going to be a battle from two different worlds. Carrie needs to pick up this win for her team.

Trish comes out on all fours crawling out on a leash. Torrie is right beside Ariel who is at the other end of the leash walking her human dog. Ariel seductively unleashes Trish. Trish gets to her feet and marches down the ramp. Ariel and Torrie walk to the back not accompanying Trish.

Carrie eyes the determined Trish. Carrie needs to represent her team. Trish gets into the ring.

In ring introductions are done.

Carrie cautiously approaches Trish.

JR: “Trish has yet to win a match but the same can be said about Carrie. Carrie has only won one match and that was for her career against Bayleigh while Trish has lost every match she’s been in since she returned.”

King: “Ariel made Trish young and beautiful this is a new Trish!”

JR: “She’s a pet!”

The bell rings and the match is underway. Trish remains standing there. Carrie again, cautiously approaches Trish. Carrie is confused by Trish’s lack of movement. Carrie gets close to Trish and waves her hand in her face. Carrie looks to the audience confused then back at Trish.

Trish backs up and then levels Carrie with a chick kick. Carrie goes down to the mat on her back. Trish hooks the leg. 1… 2…… 3.

JR: “Trish just defeated Carrie! Her losing streak is over.”

King: ”It ended emphatically!”

Trish exits the ring not allowing the ref to lift her arm in victory. The crowd looks on, Trish isn’t the same. They want the real Trish back. She walks out to boos, the crowd is no longer following her anymore.

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