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There are many rooms in Ariel’s home, but there’s one room that stands out more than the others.

In the special room it’s for the most part empty. It’s a master bedroom, in which a restroom is just a door opening away. Inside the room are two bowls, a dog house, a chain, a mirror, and of course, the inhabitant of the room, Trish Stratus.

Not a lot of activity goes on in Trish’s life when she’s home. She sits, she’s fed, she sleeps in the little dog house that was made for her. She always looks forward to when she’s let out. When her owner takes her out; whether it’s to Raw or a ppv event.

With so much time on her hand she spends most of her time time sitting on the floor in front of the mirror. It’s here where she gets does the most thinking and one thought that’s always been a constant in her mind, is that she’s always felt out of place. She’s grateful because she’s provided a home, food, security, etc. but it hasn’t felt right to her.

Right now, is one of those times. Trish is sitting there in front of the mirror. She sits there wondering but when she starts to think too deep she starts to get headaches.

“Trisssshhhh, come out we have a guest that wants to tell you something!”

Trish begins her crawling towards the door.

The door has an extra door towards the bottom of it that Trish goes through. She climbs through the dog door head first.

She finally makes it to the living room and sees her owner smiling as she listens to voice coming from the chair opposite her. Ariel notices Trish, “Here’s my little Trishy! Get over here our guest has an announcement.” There are sofa chairs in the room facing each other and they’re both occupied while the third chair is empty.

In the chair across from Ariel is one of Trish’s biggest fans. It pains her to see the woman she’s admired like this.

Margot continues speaking, “Well Trish…”

Ariel cuts her off, “Just a moment…. I need a foot massage.”

“Oh my goodness, me too my feet are killing me in these heels.” Margot saids.

Ariel with her wicked smile, “oh really… Margot I know you were one of countless fans of Trish. How would you like it if she gives you a foot massage, you know, my sister, every time she comes over, she always requests Trish to massage her feet. She’s quite good at it.”

Margot wasn’t expecting this question from Ariel, “oh no, that’s OK. I don’t want to…”

“Nonsense, you’re my guest and I’m not taking no for an answer. Trish! Take off Margot heels and massage her feet.”

Trish immediately gets to work. Under Margot’s leather chair is a bottle of baby oil. Trish squirts some in one hand and begins taking off Margots heels with the other.

“Please no! This isn’t necessary… Oh!…” there’s a change in Margots tone, “mmmmmm she is good…” Margot thinks to herself that her once idol is damn good at massaging her feet. She’s got soft hands but a lot of strength to massage her bunyans. Trish uses the baby oil to slide right in to Margot toes with her fingers getting in between her toes. Margot is getting turned on with just Trish’s touch right now. Trish grasps Margots foot in her hand as each finger gets in between her toes.

“You can make your announcement“ Ariel states, knowing her guest is loving this massage.

Torrie walks right in to hear the announcement in her underwear, “what’s the announcement about? Oh and I want next Trish!”

Margot blushes, embarrassed that she lost her composer, “Yes, well my announcement is for Trish Stratus.” She looks down at Trish who’s on her knees in front of Margot. Trish looks up at Margot into her eyes. “Trish, it’s rare that this happens, but you’ve been challenged to a match at TLC. The WWE champion wants to step into the ring with you one more time in a ‘No DQ’ match. Everything that happens from bell to bell is legal. Her only condition is that if anyone interferes in the match. She retains the title. But she wants you in a match!”

Trish is excited, but only excited that she gets to step out of her home, the match with Paige doesn’t mean much to her.

“Wait a minute! Why is she getting a title match?! She lost last night and I had to pick up the W for the team last night against Carrie. I deserve a title match! No one has even beaten me since my return! I’ve beaten Trish!” Torrie exclaims.

Ariel reasons, “Torrie… Paige has selected Trish. There’s nothing we can do about…”

“No! Paige is scared of me! Paige can’t beat me and she’s ducking me!!!’ I’m going to tell Stephanie about this! She needs to put her money on me!!! I’ll fight…”

“Torrie, calm down…” Ariel tries to calm Torrie down.

Torrie cuts Ariel off, “I’m going to tell Stephanie to overrule Paige and remind her that country’s biggest star just got her face washed by my ass. And that I’ll eat Paige’s face off…”

Ariel raises her voice, “Trish is suppose to go against Paige for the title, not you Torrie!!!!!”

Torrie looks at Ariel in disbelief.

Ariel is yelling now, “Now you listen to me Torrie, I sent you back to the wwe a few months back, I couldn’t get a title match because of that stupid casket match I had with Paige before Summerslam. I banned from competing for the title while she’s champion. I made you young again and so beautiful. You were suppose to get the title match against Paige! And bring me back my title! But nooooo, you had your stupid mind set on stuffing Trish’s face up your ass!! You were so focused on it you forgot why I sent you back! To get my title! I was waiting for you here at home while you were on TV week after week chasing Alexa and Trish around. It was a slap in my face! It’s your fault Trish’s here in my home! Because you didn’t go get me my damn title! Trish was recruited to bring me my title! I selected Trish to spite you because since you denied me what I wanted I denied you what you wanted! To this day I’ve never let you stinkface Trish. You wait until I get what I want, my fuckin title! Trish is one of the most decorated athletes in this business, a multi-time champion. Trish was picked by me! Once she gets me my title then you can do whatever you want with her!” Ariel looks directly at Margot, “Trish accepts Paige challenge!”

Torrie storms off.

Margot is excited to have picked up a big story. “Well there you have it folks Trish accepts the tile match and will go one-on-one with Paige at TLC.”

“To your room Trish.” Ariel dismisses Trish sternly.

Trish puts away her baby oil bottle and Margots foot down. Trish begins crawling to her room.

She enters her room and gets in front of her mirror, thinking again, “…I’m a multi-time champion…?”

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