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JR: “Angela will be in action later tonight against Brandi Rhodes. Both Angela and Robbie are now getting tv time but they have yet to pick up a W in the win column. If either Robbie or Angela could get a win tonight it will do wonders for their careers.”

Bri and Robbie are in the ring.

Bri runs forward at Robbie with a running drop kick. Robbie is hit and she tumbled backward until her back is up against the corner.

Bri runs forward and jumps and turns 180 in the mid-air and her back smashes against Robbie. Robbie tumbles to her knees as Bri backs up to see the damage done.

Robbie is on the ground holding her stomach in pain.

Bri feeling sorry for Robbie grabs her by her head and positions her in the center of the ring. Bri mercilessly puts her in the Yes!lock , to get the tap out victory.

Once applied Robbie frantically taps out.

Bri gets off of Robbie and approaches the camera, “That’s how you win Kelly!”

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