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JR: “Folks Paige hasn’t arrived yet for tonight’s show. Video footage of the champion was caught during the big Survivor Series match last night. A staff member caught Paige on camera in not the best of moods. Check it out!”

Paige appears backstage at Survivor Series, she’s in front of stage crew yelling at them, “Why the fuck was I not main eventing tonight???’

Staff member, “Stephanie said Trish is more popular than…”

“Fuck Trish! I beat her arse already!… You know what then… I’ll make that bitch boring then! If Stephanie wants a fuckin loser to main event PPVs then I’m going to challenge Trish every pay per view until I beat her until she’s gone. If that cockroach comes back, I’ll fight her next PPV and beat the shit out of her until she retires for good! Trish this is an official challenge to YOU, I want you at TLC, I’m gonna break you again! This is fuckin ridiculous! Stephanie wants to play like this??? I’ll fix this problem, I’ll fix Stephanie! You’ll see tomorrow night on Raw, Stephanie needs to be in check too! I’m the champion of my G**damn house!”

Paige shoves through the staff and proceeds to head to her car and drive off.

JR: “Folks, that was the official footage in which the WWE Champion Paige challenging Trish Stratus at TLC for a match.

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