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***Black Friday Edition: All Stories this Week Released***

Stephanie is in the ring listening to the choir boo her. Stephanie is not in the best of moods. Beside her is the muscle that watches her back, Ashley Graham.

NEW YORK, NY – SEPTEMBER 08: Ashley Graham attends the Daily Front Row’s Fashion Media Awards at Four Seasons Hotel New York Downtown on September 8, 2017 in New York City. (Photo by Mike Pont/WireImage)

“Those of you who’ve watched Survivor Series know that Paige walked in the champion and walked out champion…”

A mixed reaction to Stephanie’s statement from the crowd. Paige is gaining supporters through her wins. But she has her haters still too.

“…Trish Stratus will be facing Paige at TLC for the championship! As we all saw last night Trish Stratus had an incredible night last night, she single-handily destroyed the Beautiful People. Trish Stratus is a perfect choice to take on Paige… But I’m not out here to talk about the world title situation, since it was already addressed earlier. I am here to talk about the interferences in the match last night. From people like Brandi and Bri these two women ruined the main event last night! I don’t like when my World Title matches are interrupted. At TLC the card has already taken shape. Brandi Rhodes your going one-on-one with Carrie Underwood in a chairs match, your punishment Brandi is that you can’t use a chair in that match! And Bri Bella you have a match with the woman you screwed last night in a match of her choosing at TLC!” The crowd cheers … Stephanie looks to the stage surprised to see who came out just now. There was no music to introduce the person interrupting her. But it’s one of the few people alive who can do it and get away with it.










Image result for Linda Mcmahon young

Linda McMahon walks out on the stage, “Dear, we need to stop interfering in these matches because it cheapens our number one title, our only title. I don’t want the match at TLC to have any interruptions and if there are interruptions by anyone, including Ariel and Torrie, there will be serious repercussions… I also want this tiff your having with Paige to end as well… so, you can get your mind off Brandi off Bri, because at TLC I will be evening out the playing field. At TLC, if Paige loses she’s suspended, that still stands. But I will lift that suspension if she wins. We can’t hold our champions hostage like that…”

“…mom I can handle…” Stephanie attempts to interrupt.

“… I’m almost done honey… if Paige wins at TLC, your going to have to suit up sweetie…”

The crowd cheers loudly as Linda talks. Stephanie knows what’s coming but she’s hoping her mom doesn’t say it. “Mom please…”

“If Paige wins your suiting up, because at the Royal Rumble you will go one-on-one with Paige for the championship! And no you can’t bring Ashley with you. I don’t want anymore shenanigans, the title match at TLC will be… awesome!”

Stephanie throws a fit in the ring as Ashley is trying to calm her down.

Linda leaves.

Paige appears on the tron, “Well, well, well DEAR, it looks like I get to check something off my New Years resolution, SWEETIE!” Paige winks at Stephanie. “I know I have TLC to get through first, but Steph, just know this, I’ve been waiting a looooooonnnnngg time for this…” mic drop.

Stephanie looks on from the stage, for the first time in a long time, concerned.

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      1. Carrie vs Brandi- Brandi. Brandi just looks to dangerous and Carrie looks like prey after being abandoned by the Beautiful People and getting eaten by Torrie’s ass.

        Brie vs Kelly- Kelly. I think she regains her momentum.

        Paige vs Trish- Paige. Paige seems to always find a way to win and I want to see Paige vs Stephanie

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