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“Alright I know I’ve been a bad girl lately, and I know Brandi is watching…” Carrie pauses as the crowd boos her. “Yea that’s right she’s banned!” The crowd booing has grown louder with Carrie’s announcement.

JR: “Folks to fill you in, Brandi has been banned from Raw tonight due to Carrie being on the show. The WWE didn’t want to keep both women on the same show as we saw at Survivor Series, Brandi Rhodes has a tendancy to go rogue.”

“I get it, you all want to see me get my ass kicked…” The crowd cheers loudly.

Carrie continues, “You know, besides Brandi being such a bitch, you’re all being a bunch of assholes! How can you cheer that maniac! She attacked my team at Survivor Series!”

The crowd begins chanting towards Carrie, “Stinkface! Stinkface! Stinkface!”

Carrie begins turning red with embarrassment and anger, a noticable change in her expression, “Torrie Wilson… Torrie we have unfinished business. You gross bitch! How dare you put your dirty smelly ass in my beautiful face! We have unfinished business bitch but that will be for another time you nasty bitch!”

The crowd cheers this loudly!

Carrie is incredibly annoyed right now with the audience and is heading towards a breaking point with the audience. “I don’t know why I’m here you’re all horrible people and don’t deserve me!”

An audience member completely covered with a hoodie rushes into the ring. Carrie instinctively rushes towards the hooded assailant. Carrie gets a nice shot of banging the mic into the face of the audience member. Carrie cradles the assailants head and she continues to bang her mic against the face of the masked assailant. She’s instinctively bashing her face until blood starts spewing on the mic being used. The referees and security are trying to get Carrie off of the assailant. Carrie won’t let them stop her. She’s hitting the face of the masked assailant harder and harder and won’t stop. The assailant is limp but still; Carrie continues to bang the mic on her face.

JR: “Come on Carrie that’s enough already!”

Robbie eventually enters the ring and forces Carrie off of the assailant. Robbie checks on the assailant and pulls the hoodie off of her face.








It’s Angela!

Angela’s face is bruised and bloodied, she’s unconscious.

Robbie looks at Carrie angrily screaming, “She was just pretending to be Brandi to scare you! You Monster! You didn’t have to take it this far!”

Carrie looks on scared at Robbie and Angela, she drops the bloodied mic to the mat and rolls out of the ring. Carrie is actually feeling remorseful and she disgusted with herself. She’s realizing she’s incredibly paranoid and has become quite dangerous. Carrie doesn’t recognize herself right now and stumbles up the ramp.

JR: “Carrie would have killed someone if Robbie wasn’t there. The referees and security couldn’t pull her off of Angela.”

King: “What kind of joking around was that by Angela and Robbie?”

JR: “I agree king, but Carrie didn’t have to take it that far.”

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      1. Carries playing defense at this time.

        She’s got a lot of enemies. But she’s not going after those who are not interested in her right now.
        Torrie is not pursuing her. It’s up to Carrie if and when she wants to pursue her.
        With the beautiful people she knows what happened to them at Survivor series.
        If the beautiful people want to pursue her they can. But she’s not looking for them.
        For now Brandi is looking to collect at TLC.
        As for Robbie and Angela, we’ll see on raw next week how they will proceed with Carrie.


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