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Ariel’s theme plays and she comes out to the stage. Ariel has the WWE championship around her waist. Ariel stands there almost squatting. She stands there waiting.

Trish’s music hits and Trish comes out in all fours. Trish crawls in her wrestling gear towards Ariel. Trish goes through her legs and Ariel sits on Trish’s shoulders. Trish carries Ariel down the ramp to the ring.

The crowd boos heavily, the boos quickly turn into chants, “Asshole!”

Trish has the feeling of being conflicted. Trish never cared about what the audience thought lately. But tonight it seems to be giving her a feeling. The confused Trish continues to carry Ariel and assist her into the ring.

Ariande does her introductions. Both women are booed out of the stadium.

The bell rings and the match is underway.

Ariel demands a mic from one of the production crew. She gets one immediately.

Ariel smiles as she meets Trish in the center in the ring.

Ariel tells Trish, “Sit!”

Trish looks into the eyes of Ariel. Trish is confused right now. But she’s going to follow what Ariel tells her. Trish drops her eyes downward, along with her head and gets on her knees before Ariel, then sits on her tushy.

Trish looks up at Ariel, like a puppy in front of her master.

The wicked smile of Ariel twitches across her face. The crowd jeers Ariel to no end.

Ariel continues, “Take my boot off!”

Ariel lifts up her leg and shoves her boot into the muscles on Trish’s shoulder.

Trish adjusts herself after the kick from Ariel. She adjusts herself so that she can comfortably begin undressing Ariel. She reaches her boot to begin unhooking it.

Trish finally removes the boot from Ariel’s leg. Trish places it to her side.

Ariel loudly demands, “Remove my stocking!” Ariel laughs at the dominance she has over Trish and the fans right now.

Trish’s stomach is in knots right now. Trish has a ‘sinking feeling’ inside of her.

Trish reaches around Ariel’s leg and pulls down her stocking. Trish slowly removes the stocking from Ariel’s now naked leg. Ariel’s toes stretch outward. Ariel wants to feel the chill of stadium in her toes.

Ariel demands another request, “Lay Down!”

The crowd begins chanting, “This is Bullshit!”

JR: “The fans came to see a match! Not this crap!”

Trish rolls onto her back and lays down before Ariel. Trish stares upward at the lights shining down on her from the top of the stadium.

She tries to push down the horrible feeling she has in her stomach. She almost wants to throw-up from queasy feeling she has inside.

Ariel kips her toes up and toward the cheek of Trish.

Trish feels the swift ice touch of Ariel’s toes on her cheek. The cold sensation gets colder as more pressure from Ariel’s toes press downward on the champion.

The ugly wide-eyed grin on Ariel’s face almost looks like it will never come off. Ariel is ridiculously enjoying herself.

The referee gets down to make the count.









2! The crowd is tossing garbage into the ring. The crowd is going ballistic.










JR: “It’s official the new champion is Ariel!”

Ariel looks at the tron and sees she’s on the screen. She’s sees on the screen that someone is running into the ring from behind her. Ariel exits the ring as the intruder invades the ring.








Brandi swings wildly to hit Ariel with the chair. Ariel escapes the ring before Brandi could get her.

Brandi turns around to see Trish getting to her feet.

Brandi mutters to herself, “Strike 3!” Brandi swings wildly with her bloody chair. Brandi lands a sickening headshot to the skull of Trish Stratus. Brandi looses her balance from how hard she threw herself into the chairshot.

The crowd cringes from how stiff the ‘steel’ met ‘skull.’

Trish goes down in the middle of the ring with the chair still attached to her head. Brandi turns her attention to Ariel who’s walking up the ramp trying to get away.

“I want you next Ariel!” Brandi proclaims. I’ll see you at Wrestlemania when I win tonight!”

The crowd cheers Brandi to end the segment.

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