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15 RAW Main Event Trish is on a Mission IV

Ariel is in the ring carrying the WWE Championship. “My pet has delivered the contract! At the Royal Rumble… I’m going to officially become the WWE Champion!… And Trish Stratus is going to win the Royal Rumble!… After Trish wins the Rumble we’ll fight again at Mania… where I will retain my title again! I will beat Trish twice! I’ll be the greatest of all time! And on the grandest stage of them all!!!”

Brandi’s music hits. Brandi heads down the ramp with her bloody chair in hand.

JR: “Brandi has become attached to that chair!”

Brandi enters the ring with her bloody chair in hand.

Ariel drops her mic and yells towards Brandi, “Fight me without a chair! Fight me without a chair!”

Brandi drops the chair and the two women begin brawling in the ring.

Both women go down to the mat.

Brandi seems to have gained an advantage and is atop Ariel. The two women are throwing punches at each other.

Trish is running to the ring and enters it. Trish thrusts Brandi off of Ariel.

Brandi heads over to grab her bloody chair.

Trish checks on Ariel. Ariel rolls out of the ring. Trish stands up and turns around to see Brandi with a bloody chair in front of her.

Brandi yells to Trish, “That’s strike 2 Trish! That’s Strike 2! You only get three strikes! Next time I’m swinging!”

Trish cautiously leaves the ring and heads up the ramp with Ariel to close raw.

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