Carrie comes out to the ring. Carrie enters the ring excitedly. Carrie yells, “It’s time for my career-on-the-line match?”

Carrie enters the ring and tells the referee to immediately begin the count.

The referee makes the count and gets to the number 8.














10! The ref calls for the bell. Carrie has defeated Robbie. Robbie is now fired.

Carrie has a mic in hand, “Well since I won the match, I want to be in the rumble too!”

Stephanie McMahon’s music plays and out she comes. Stephanie is making an announcement, “This is going to be a typical Rumble match with one exception!… The match will end when we get down to the final six competitors!… Those 6 competitors will then enter the Elimination Chamber next month with the final winner going on to face the WWE Champion at Mania!…”

Carrie is noticibly unsettled to be in Stephanie’s presence. Nothing ever good comes of it.

“Carrie, you’re in the rumble!… and guess what?… I pulled out your lottery ball!… and since you’re the last person to get the lottery ball your number 2!”

Ashley Graham makes her entrance.

Carrie looks on shaking in her boots.

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      1. I see it differently. She provided story.
        All these characters need to provide story and if they’re in a story then I think they it shows I like them.
        She provided story. She provided more story than Sasha banks did for me.
        So to me she did more for me.
        But I decided I want to write her off awhile back so she can sell another story that’s evolving.

        Liked by 1 person

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