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Royal Rumble Match

Royal Rumble Match

1.) Ashley Enters the ring.

2.) Carrie is pleading with Ashley to leave her alone!

Ashley grabs Carrie by her hair and delivers a spine buster to Carrie.

3.) Angelina Love enters the ring and jumps on Ashley’s back.

Ashley falls backward and slams Angelina onto her back.

Ashley Grabs Angelina and throws her out of the ring.

4.) Sasha Banks makes her way out to the ring to a nice ovation. She immediately attacks Ashley. Sasha is throwing punches over at Ashley as Ashley tries to cover herself.

Angelina Grabs Sasha’s throat.

5.) Kate Upton makes her way out. Kate jumps on the back of Ashley and locks in a sleeper. Ashley spins her around in mid air and tosses her off.

Sasha attacks the leg of Ashley with her shoulder.

6.) Bri Bella heads to the ring. Bri assists Sasha with giving Ashley a beat down. Bringing Ashley down to the floor.

Carrie Underwood gets up and drop kicks Ashley Graham in her face. Sasha Banks looks at the others stomping Ashley and makes eye contact with Bri. Bri motion’s to Sasha to calm down, “Wait! Listen! Listen to me! I didn’t attack you that night! It was my sister Nikki that attacked you! I’m her twin Bri!”

*Sasha was brutalized in the cafeteria by Nikki Bella on a previous episode.*

 Sasha jumps on Bri and hammers away at her.

Eventually Sasha eliminates Bri bella.

Kate Upton and Carrie are still stomping away at Ashley.

7.) Anna heads out to the ring.

Anna attacks Carrie.

8.) Lana heads down to the ring.

Lana attacks Sasha.

9.) Candice Michelle heads to the ring.

Candice fights with Kate.

The women above fight with each other for awhile.

Ashley gets up she bulldozes Sasha and Kate Upton out of the ring to eliminate them. Candice attacks Ashley.

10.) Madison Rayne heads out to the ring.

Ashley gets the upperhand against Candice and tosses her to the side. Ashley rushes towards Lana and shoves her out of the ring.

To be continued…

Current Rumble Participants still in the ring: 1.) Ashley, 2.) Carrie, 7.) Anna, 9.) Candice, 10.) Madison

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      1. Lol I don’t think its that bold I think Carrie would be a bolder prediction. If you weren’t writing it who would you predict as the winner

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