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Alexa is in the ring. “Alright who’s next in this challenger series. Whomever is my next opponent come on down!”

Madison Reign is charging down to the ring with Velvet & Love following closely behind her.

King: “So far Alexa has taken down Lana twice and Love on Raw last week. It looks like Madison wants a shot at Alexa tonight.”

Madison enters the ring and runs towards Alexa as the aggressor.

Alexa with a drop toe hold as Madison goes falling down flat on her face. Alexa rolls towards the head of Madison and is quick to apply a cross face. Madison reaches wildly for the ropes.

“Come on Madison don’t tap you got this!” Velvet yells to encourage Madison.

Madison is screaming in the middle of the ring.

The referee is in Madison’s face asking if she wants to tap.

Love pulls the legs of Alexa from the side of the ring.

The referee runs to Love and scolds her.

As the ref is distracted Velvet is on the apron.

Alexa notices Velvet at the apron and delivers a low drop kick to the legs of Velvet as she tumbles to the outside.

The crowd cheering Alexa on now.

Alexa checks that Madison is still down on the floor before heading to the top rope. Alexa flashes her beautiful smile to the crowd as she leaps into the air for a Twisted Bliss.

Madison rolls onto her back from the cross face hold applied before. Suddenly the weight of Five Feet of Fury is slammed onto her midsection and her legs are hooked for the solid three count.

King: “Alexa wins!”

Love with a bag enters the ring and elbows Alexa while she’s on the ground. Love pounds away on with her fists as Alexa tries to cover up. Velvet picks up the bag and yells, “Little Miss Bliss thinks she can be inspirational here with her message! Time to put you back on the shelf Brat!”

Velvet picks up the brown bag Love dropped initially. Velvet gives a stomp to the back of Alexa’s head for good measure, leaving Alexa unconscious now.

Lana runs down to the ring with a her Russian Flag!

Velvet notices, “Love! Get Madison! We’re bailing!”

Love grabs Madison. The Beautiful People retreat.

Lana enters the ring with her flag ready to strike.

The crowd cheers Lana on.

JR: “Good thing Lana was around, We might have seen some more humiliation from the Beautiful People tonight!”

Lana pulls a piece of paper out of her bra. Lana stuffs it in Alexa’s hand while Alexa is still unconscious.

King: “What she putting in her hand?!”

JR: “I don’t know King. This is getting weirder and weirder?”

King: “I hope it’s a love letter!”

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