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Nikki is walking backstage with Bri. They seem to be heading somewhere important. Margot is running up behind the Bellas eager to get their attention.

Margot: “Nikki! Bri! If you have a second, I want to interview you!

Bri: “We’re on our way to Stephanie’s office Margot, you can ask your questions while we head there.

The bellas continue to walk as Margot takes what she can get and conducts a walking interview with the Bellas.

Margot: “Nikki you made it through the rumble last night but unfortunately your nemeses, Kelly Kelly, also made it into the Chamber as well. You both were working pretty well together last night against Ashley…”

Bri: “Wrong! Margot that’s wrong! ”

Nikki: “Margot, Kelly and I don’t work well together. I was trying to survive the Rumble! To survive the rumble I needed to take out Ashley, because she’s the biggest threat to me in that ring. OK?! And if it wasn’t for Ashley being there, I would have tossed out Kelly. But I, by MYSELF, needed to take out Ashley before kicking Kelly’s ass again!

The Bellas stop in their tracks and are startled by what they see up ahead of them.

Bri: “What the hell?”

The Bellas stop momentarily in shock as they see Kelly enter Stephanie’s office. Margot was following closely behind them and bumps into Nikki’s body and falling backward into the floor from the collision.

Nikki pays no mind to Margot’s bump. “What the hell is Kelly doing entering Stephanie’s office at the same time as our appointment?!” Nikki exclaims.

Bri: “Ohhhh HELLS NO! Let’s go sis!”

The Bellas march further down the hall to head into Stephanie’s office.

They finally enter her office after some loud marching.

As soon as they bust through the door Bri exclaims, “What the hell is Kelly doing here??!!”

In the office is Stephanie, Kelly, and Ashley.

Kelly doesn’t seem pleased either with Stephanie either based off her facial reactions.

Stephanie seems like she was interrupted when Bri came in shouting.

Stephanie: “Oh Bri, I’m glad your all here! I wanted to announce a blockbuster main event for Raw next week! It also happens to be the final Raw before the Elimination Chamber! Ashley Graham gave me a great idea for a main event next week!… Now, as you know Ashley isn’t very experienced in the ring. She’s only been in one match. That royal rumble last night…. She’s willing to step into the ring next week on Raw in a handicap match! Next week on Raw Ashley Graham will face off against you, Nikki Bella and Kelly Kelly in the main event!

Bri: “WHAT?”

Ashely stares angrily at Kelly and Nikki. Kelly and Nikki stare each other down. Both of them are not happy about the announcement. Bri is trying to calm Nikki down.

Stephanie is the only one smiling. “Great right??!!?”

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    1. The Bellas are not happy about Nikki teaming with Kelly. But it’s a follow up to their encounter they had with Ashley. Ashley has her hands full with both of them and wants some revenge. Stephanie is pleasing her muscle.


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