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Mandy Rose is in the Gorilla Position about to go through the curtain. Carrie approaches Mandy, “Since you’re new here I wanted to see if I can help you out around here Mandy. You and I are in the Chamber and we can work to eliminate everyone else in the match. Then we can narrow it down to just us so that one of us goes to Wrestlemania.”

Mandy looks Carrie up and down before responding, “Let’s see how its gonna look when it comes down to the two of us right now.” Mandy goes through the curtain for her match against Carrie.

Mandy makes her way down the ramp before being attacked by Carrie from behind. “How dare you!? You are not showing me up bitch! Did you see what I did to Robbie and Angela!”

Carrie tosses Mandy into the ring. The ref checks with Mandy to see if she wants to start the match. She nods to the ref. The ref rings the bell and the match is underway.

Carrie goes towards a weakened Mandy. Mandy lifts up Carrie and spinebusters her into the mat. Carrie cries in pain from the impact.

Mandy gets her hair out of her face. “You’re a loser Carrie! I don’t work with losers!” Mandy grabs Carrie and lifts her up. She hooks her arms in a pedigree type position. Mandy lifts up Carrie and connects with the Bed of Roses finishing maneuver.

Many hooks the leg of Carrie 1… 2… Carrie is not moving….









The ref raises the arm of Mandy to close this segment.

JR: “Mandy is a wild card in the Chamber match!”

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    1. One of your old comments got me writing for Carrie more.
      I think you said at one point she should fight with Robbie in a loser leaves match.
      Carrie and Robbie were featured more after the comment.


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