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Ariel is in the ring with the title wrapped around her waist.

Her wicked smile again, plastered across her face. Ariel reaches teasingly into her underwear and pulls something out. She has some red lipstick in her hand. “Alright Torrie let’s get this stinkface started. I brought some lipstick you can paint Trish’s lips with so she can leave a lovely impression on your ass.”

Families in the audience begin walking out of the building as the crowd starts to become unsettled.

The titan tron lights up. Torrie is seen getting out of the shower on the tron. She has a towel wrapped around her body. Giddily Torrie response, “I thought I’d be clean for this. I’m leaving my ass wet so I can have a slippery stinkface for Trish… I’ve been waiting a long time to do this… Wait?” Torrie looks at the monitor closer. “Where is she?”

Ariel addresses Trish. “Come on down puppy dog! Let’s have you lap up Torrie’s wet asshole with that tongue of yours!”

The crowd boos loudly. Jeering the segment they’ve been dreading all night. They’re hero is going to be willingly sending her career into the slaughterhouse.

Trish comes out through the curtain with her familiar collar around her neck. She’s standing at the top of the stage as the crowd boos. A chant breaks out, “DON’T DO IT! DON’T DO IT!”

Trish is bandaged from the top of her head. Clearly Brandi’s chair shot did some damage to the fan favorite.

Ariel addresses Trish from the ring, “Ohhhh… Once you’re done eating ass where going to take good care of Brandi Trish! We’re going to get our revenge! These people don’t see it. But your in good hands my little puppy… but tonight… tonight, we won’t have to worry about her. She’s left the building by order of Stephanie McMahon. Brandi, I know your listening. You wanted my attention. You’ve got it!”

The crowd is throwing their drinks and popcorn into the ring. Security starts trying to regain control of the rowdy audience.

Trish slowly begins walking down the ramp. Not loosing her gaze on the WWE champion.

“I must not have taught you well enough! How dare you walk on your two legs! Crawl to me dog!” Ariel exclaims.

Trish stops midway on the ramp.

The ring announcer, time keeper and others staff by the ring begin getting escorted away. The crowd is raucous. Some curse words can be heard being yelled from the crowd as they boo the segment louder and louder.

“…Get on your hands and knees like the dog you are and crawl to me dog!” Ariel demands.

Without taking her eyes off Ariel Trish puts one hand on her collar she tightly wraps her hand on the collar and, with great force, snaps the collar off her neck.

Like the flip of the switch the crowd dynamic changed. As soon as Trish ripped the collar off an eruption from the crowd that had not been heard from in a long time blows the roof of the joint. Goosebumps spread amongst the audience like a fever. The crowd is now in a frenzy!

Ariel’s jaw drops instantly. Her eyes almost popped out of her head at what Trish just did.

Trish’s has a tense look on her face as she stares a hole through Ariel. Fire is in her eyes. Trish now looks scary.

Ariel nervously continues, “… Trish, listen to me, Brandi did this to you she smashed your head with that bloody cha…” Ariel starts to realize that Brandi’s chair might have scrambled Trish’s head back to the old Trish.

Torrie is looking on in horror from the tron. Trying to stay out of their business, Torrie yells for the camera man to get out of her room, “Turn the cameras off! Get out!” The tron goes dark.

The crowd is lit. A loud Trish Stratus chant breaks out, TRISH STRATUS! TRISH STRATUS!

Trish throws the collar to the ground. She’s turning red with anger. She’s like a melting pot on the oven that’s boiling over. Trish’s teeth are gritting hard as she can’t control the anger she’s overcome with. Trish makes a dash to the ring.

The crowd gives an unreal pop to Trish Stratus as she finally enters the ring.

The lights go out.





The lights go back on.

Ariel is now on the stage looking on at an infuriated Trish Stratus.

King: “She’s baaaacccckkk!”

JR: “Brandi’s chair has a way of evening the odds. That bloody chair has altered the complexion of the WWE!”

Trish yells from ring without a mic, “IM COMING FOR YOU FOR WHAT YOU’VE DONE TO ME!” Trish is breathing hard as she continues, “Guess what Ariel??! I wasn’t in the Rumble ARIEL! The contract was if I participated in the Rumble I’d forfeit my match! I didn’t step foot in that Rumble by choice! Not because of The fuckin’ chair! I want my CHAMPIONSHIP REMATCH and I want it at the CHAMBER!!! I am going to hurt you… really bad… AT THE ELIMINATION CHAMBER!!!!!!”

The crowd is on their feet cheering the announcement.

Ariel’s eyes her now focused on her livid challenger at the Elimination Chamber.

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