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Raw opens in Stephanie’s office. Stephanie is sitting at her desk surrounded by humanity.

By her side is the powerhouse, Ashley Graham. She stands there observing the unhappy dark figure that’s actually becoming more of a nuisance to Stephanie as of late. Stephanie has expressed to Ashley before how she hates doing favors for this person. They’ve discussed before how they’re going to get rid of her.

The unhappy dark figure is Ariel and she is sitting across from Stephanie expressing her frustration. “…Fix the contract I don’t want to fight Trish at the Elimination Chamber!”

“I can’t do that. We agreed that if Trish enters the Rumble the rematch clause is void. She didn’t Rumble so her clause is still in effect.” An annoyed Stephanie responds.

“I helped you get rid of Paige! There must be something you can do??!”

“Listen Ariel, I have gone above and beyond for you already. Every week I feel like I’m helping you with something. Last week it was making Brandi Rhodes get escorted out of the building. I’m not indebted to you forever.”

Ariel sits in her chair seething.

Stephanie continues, “I’ve told you before I don’t want to be doing favors for you all the time… But I’ll tell you what… I’ll book a special referee for the show. Something that will make it interesting. Someone Trish can’t be happy with.”

Ariel finally responds, “I know you don’t like me. And your right I’ve come to you for requests. Consider us even then if you put a special referee in.”

The office lights go dark.

They come back on and Ariel’s gone.

Per usual, Stephanie unloads what’s on her mind after an important meeting to her muscle, “Ashley… have you ever been in a situation where you let someone borrow money and they again, and again keep asking for more money without them paying you back what they initially owed you?”

“Yes, I was dumb enough to let them borrow some more. It was my fault I never got paid back because I kept giving and giving…” Ashley replies. And after thinking a little bit more about it, “…but I learned my lesson not to let them borrow again.”

Stephanie concludes, “I learned my lesson too Ash. I’ve heard Ariel say before that she’s not going to ask me for any more favors but here we are… here I am… there she was… and I’m giving another favor… I’m not going to keep doing this. And I’m going to make that clear at the Elimination Chamber.”

Stephanie writes something on a piece of paper.

“Call this person and tell them they’re going to be the referee this Sunday for the WWE championship match.”

Ashley picks up the paper and smiles, “So theatric Steph, but like I told you before, you worry too much. Because it doesn’t matter if it’s Ariel or if it’s Trish Stratus. I’m going to bulldoze everyone in the chamber and go on to main event WrestleMania!”

Steph smiles back, “It’s not theatrics. It’s business. Now, go get ready for your match.”

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