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Margot Robbie is happily standing beside Torrie Wilson. Margot has been trying to secure an interview with Torrie but she’s alluded her for a long time. Torrie has been one of the hardest people Margot can get a hold of.

Torrie is standing there with a lollipop in her mouth. She’s feeling rather flustered with her predicament.

“Ladies and gentleman I’m finally standing here with the great, Torrie Wilson. I’ve been trying to get a hold of her for awhile and I finally have her here for a quick interview.” Margot still has the bloody steel chair in the back of her mind and wants to make the interview go by quick unfortunately.

Torrie finally pays Margot some attention.

“Torrie what’s going on with you and Ariel?”

There’s a pause as Torrie thinks about what she wants to say. Margot isn’t happy with the long pauses but she’s a professional and continues waiting. “Well… to be honest with you Margot… I’m annoyed. I’m very annoyed… I was promised Trish’s face and I keep getting denied… every single time I get close to smothering her face its always something that doesn’t allow me… But I don’t want to touch that situation right now. Ariel and… well the Trish we saw on Raw… are going to fight. I’m staying out of that. I need to focus on the chamber match. Trish and Ariel are crazy and they’re going to kill each other. But once I win the chamber I’ll revisit whomever wins that match. There’s just too many moving parts that I need to see settled at the Chamber before I can plan ahead.”

Margot nods, “Ok, so your not standing in Ariel’s corner this Sunday?”

“No…she let me down, she didn’t feed my ass and it doesn’t look like she’s going to feed it any time soon. I need to focus on me and… well… I don’t even know who else is in the rumble… I know it’s me, Ashley, Nikki, kelly, and some others.” Torrie continues trying to remember the names of the others in the chamber.

“Lol well your missing Carrie for one…” Margot responds laughingly.

Margot looks up at Torrie who doesn’t seem to be paying attention to her anymore. Margot notices Torrie has got her eyes focused on something behind her. Margot spins to see who or what it is.

Torrie questioningly asks, “Who’s that?”

Instantly, Margot addresses Torrie, “Well that’s the sixth participant… Mandy Rose.”

Torrie gazes at Mandy who’s getting ready to go through the curtain for her match. “I didn’t know she was in the match. She kinda looks like Trish?…” Torrie puts the lollipop in her mouth and heads towards Mandy.

Mandy hasn’t noticed her. But she goes through the curtain for her match coming up next.

Margot seemingly notices the interview is over. She doesn’t follow Torrie.

Margot makes a dash towards the interview set she was at earlier. She runs through halls with the camera man behind her. She finally gets to the set. Margot exclaims, “It’s gone!! I wanted to see who’s taking that chair! :(“

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