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17 RAW Mandy Rose Vs. Carmella

Mandy Rose makes her way out.

Her opponent is in the ring dancing getting the audience fired up.

Mandy enters the ring and the match is underway.

Carmella runs to Mandy with a running drop kick. Mandy stumbles backward into the corner turnbuckle. Carmella is quick to get up and start slugging Mandy in the corner. The referee separates them. Carmella looks to the audience to rile them up some more.

JR: “Carmella doesn’t seem to be taking this match seriously.”

After the ref checks with Mandy she blasts off from the corner like a rocket. Mandy’s shoulder mashes the abs of Carmella cutting her in half with a spear. Carmella is snapped in half in the middle of the ring. Mandy is up to her feet as she surveys the damage done to Carmella.

Torrie walks out and stands at the top of the stage.

Mandy notices Torrie at the top of the stage. Torrie has a lollipop in her mouth. Torrie is at the top of the stage watching the match. Mandy looks on at Torrie confused. Wondering why she’s out here watching this match. Maybe she want’s to study her opponent for the Elimination Chamber?

Mandy returns her attention to Carmella who’s still crying on the ground. The ref still checking on her. Mandy goes to grab Carmella but the ref stops her. “Carmella is forfeiting the match she doesn’t want to continue!”

The bell rings to end the match. Mandy is the winner.

Mandy turns around to see Torrie Wilson is now half way down the ramp. She was on her way towards the ring when Mandy’s back was turned momentarily to Carmella and the ref.

Mandy yells from the ring, “Do you have something you want to say to me Torrie?!”

Torrie smiles at Mandy and yells, “You’re beautiful Trish!” Torrie turns around and skips up the ramp.

Mandy looks on confusingly at Torrie as she walks off.

JR: “There’s something not right about Torrie King.”

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