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We start off in the ring all three women are acting like this is a triple threat match as no one trusts each other.

King: “Nikki and Kelly know they’re on the same team right?”

After ring announcements are done. Ashley walks over to the center of the ring welcoming an attack from either of the two. She confidently extends her arms out and gives the ‘just bring it’ sign with her hands to both women.

Having enough, Nikki rushes Ashley. Ashley swats Nikki down with the palm of her hand knocking her down to the mat.

Bri yells from the outside, “go help her Kelly! Same team!”

Kelly is still processing how to approach Ashley. There’s a clear size difference between the two.

Kelly goes for a running drop kick to the mid section of Ashley connecting with the dropkick.

Ashley stumbles backwards from the dropkick. Kelly looking to continue then goes for some right hand punches to the face of Ashley connecting with punch after punch. The crowd rallies behind Kelly.

Kelly surprisingly is backing up Ashley into the corner with her right hand punches to the face.

JR: “Kelly has something to prove and she’s showing it tonight King.”

Suddenly Ashley grabs Kelly by her neck with both hands chocking her with her strength. She then lifts Kelly off her feet and slams her into the corner.

Nikki is up but she’s sort of watching from the opposite end of the ring. Nikki is smiling as she watches Ashley begin to handle Kelly.

Ashley is punching the face of Kelly in the corner. Ashley then backs up a few steps and then jumps into the air and collides onto Kelly. Throwing her body onto the smaller Kelly.

Kelly falls to the ground in the corner and is seated. Ashley uses her big boot to choke Kelly. As she chokes Kelly she notices Nikki watching with glee as she handles Kelly.

Ashley yells to Nikki, “Do you want to kick her ass too?”

Nikki nods excitingly, “HELL YEA! I hate that bitch so much!”

Ashley steps off of Kelly and gives room for Nikki to do some damage.

“I don’t like Kelly too!” Ashley yells.
Nikki heads on over to a dazed Kelly in the corner. Kelly starts to realize that her partner has turned on her.

As soon as Nikki has gotten close to Kelly; Ashley gives a ‘demanding clothesline’ to Nikki. Nikki goes down hard.

“I don’t like you either!” Ashley yells.

JR: “Nikki isn’t playing well with her teammate and now she’s paying the price!”

Ashley grabs Nikki by her throat, the same way she grabbed Kelly, and lifts her up into the air. Ashley chokes Nikki.

Bri yells, “Come on sis! Kelly isn’t helping you like she’s supposed to!”

Nikki reaches into the face of Ashley and pokes her eyes.

Ashley drops Nikki immediately. Ashley cries in pain as she’s temporarily blinded.

Nikki is down on the ground coughing from the damage done. The ref is yelling at her too for the illegal move. But Nikki just ignores him.

Nikki gets up and kicks the back of Ashley’s leg with such force that Ashley falls backward onto her back. Nikki leans on the top rope smiling to the audience. “That’s how you do it!”

Bri yells from the outside too, “You’re taking that bitch out sis!”

Nikki nods in agreement. She turns around to come face-to-face with Kelly.

“You’re a real piece of shit Nikki!” Kelly yells. Kelly spits in Nikki’s face. The crowd is stunned as the spit got in Nikki’s eye.

Nikki screams in horror.

Kelly kicks Nikki in the mid section and run to ropes to bounce off of them and delivers a K2 to Nikki Bella.

Bri jumps on the apron, “What the fuck?!” The ref tries to hold her off. Kelly runs over to Bri and gives a running forearm smash to Bri’s face.

Kelly rolls out of the ring. “I’m not falling for your bullshit Nikki!” Kelly yells.

Ashley is already up by this time. Ashley grabs Nikki by her hair and lifts her up. Ashley gets Nikki onto her shoulders and delivers a devastaing running powerslam.

Ashley keeps her body over Nikki. Her belly covering the face of Nikki. As Ashley’s breathes over Nikki’s body. Ashley’s breasts cover Nikkis big boobs as she lays into the cover.

The ref makes the count.






Flashes of Nikki’s face is shown as Ashley breathes. When she inhales Nikki’s face shows. But when she exhales Nikki’s face is covered in belly.







Ashley is smiling looking around for Kelly still. She doesn’t notice that she left already until she sees her up ahead walking up the ramp.


The ref raises Ashley’s arm in victory. Ashley has defeated Nikki and Kelly in a handicap match!

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    1. I’m looking to the Chamber. The road to mania will finally be settled for both the challenger and the champion.
      Right now the mania card is looking stacked. I wasn’t originally planning for so many matches but it’s how it’s going to be.
      Usually I only do three matches but this ppv there’s more


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