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The Beautiful People come out to the boos they always get.

Lana comes out with her flag looking hot.

Alexa comes out to cheers, per usual.

Lana and Alexa chat a bit. Alexa is giving her direction and Lana exits the ring to stand in her corner at Alexa’s request.

JR: “Lana and Alexa have had an interesting relationship lately. But on Raw this Monday Lana will be on a Moment of Bliss. Hopefully we can get to the bottom of what’s going on there.”

Love represents the BP while Madison and Sky hang out at their side of the ring.

Bell rings and match is on.

Alexa with a running crossbody to Love taking her down with ease.

Alexa with some punches now reigning down on Love. Love covers up to protect herself.

Love eventually pushes her off.

Love crawls towards Madison and makes a quick tag.

Alexa giggles at how quick Love left the ring.

Madison charges Alexa. Alexa effortlessly delivers a low drop kick to a charging Madison who goes spinning in the air.

Alexa flashes her beautiful smile. Suggesting she’s got this under control.

Lana is smiling in the corner applauding.

Velvet has enough and runs into the ring and catches Alexa off guard and delivers a bulldog onto Alexa from behind.

The ref yells at Velvet to get out of the ring.

Madison goes over to Alexa and lifts her by her head.

Madison is suddenly spun around by Lana and Lana slaps the taste out of Madison’s mouth before leaving the ring.

Madison stands there for awhile not noticing Alexa getting up.

Madison goes to chase Lana down but Alexa grabs Madison by her hair and slams the back of her head down into the mat.

She then runs over and punches Sky off the apron and ditto to Love.

As Madison gets up Alexa runs over to her from behind and delivers a “Carlito BackStabber”. It looks like a ‘code breaker’ except from behind.

Alexa is about to go for the cover but sees Lana is eager to get tagged in.

Alexa heads over and tags Lana in.

Lana climbs to the top rope. Lana leapfrogs from the apron and delivers a sloppy “macho man” flying elbow drop into the heart of Madison.

Alexa applauds Lana’s effort as the ref makes the cover. Lana’s boobs cover the face of Madison as she makes a sexual cover for the 1,2,3 to end this match.

Here is your winner… the team of Alexa Bliss & Lana!

Both women are all smiles as the crowd cheers them on.

Lana grabs Alexa to bring her in for a hug. The taller woman has Alexa’s face buried in her boobs for the hug.

Alexa sort of inhales Lana scent as they celebrate.

JR: “ Big win for Lana. I think this is her first win in the E!”

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