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The entrances had already passed. .

The participant’s in their pods include, Nikki Bella,

Carrie Underwood,

Mandy Rose,

and Ashley Graham.

Which means the participants in the ring are Kelly Kelly and Torrie Wilson.

JR: “I don’t’ think we’ve seen these two women ever lock horns?”

King: “Tonight that changes.”

Torrie stands there sizing up Kelly while sucking her lollipop.

Kelly is chewing gum, and looking Torrie up and down.  

The bell rings and the match is underway.

Kelly kicks Torrie in her stomach to start the match. Kelly ddts Torrie in the middle of the ring. Kelly makes a cover.

1… Torrie kicks out at two. She also tosses the lollipop away.

Kelly taunts Nikki in her pod. Kelly spits the gum at her pod. That ignites Nikki to kick and punch away at the glass pod.

JR: “Kelly does not like Nikki at all.”

King: “Kelly is playing off the spit loogie she spat at Nikki on Raw with the gum that she spit out.”

Kelly returns her attention to Torrie who’s already on her feet and in Kelly’s face.

Torrie uppercuts Kelly in her jaw. Torrie tosses Kelly onto the steel grading outside the ring of the chamber.

The audience chants the count down for the next entrant.

At the end of the count down Mandy emerges from her pod. Torrie smiles as she watches Mandy exit her pod and enter the ring.

Mandy Rose goes for a right hand against Torrie and Torrie blocks it. Mandy left her self open and Torrie punches Mandy in her face.

Torrie kicks Mandy in her stomach.

Torrie then snap suplex Mandy into the mat.

Torrie smiles as she feels she’s taking control of the match.

Mandy crawls to the turnbuckle off of the suplex.

Torrie has gotten to her feet and is stalking Mandy. God’s Greatest Creation uses the turnbuckle to get up.

Torrie runs over to Mandy delivers to her a Stinger Splash on Mandy.

Torrie bounces off of Mandy’s body while Mandy bounces off the turnbuckle.

Torrie then begins maneuvering Mandy so she can get her seated in the bottom turnbuckle. Torrie finally pushes Mandy to the turnbuckle. God’s Greatest Creation then tumbles to the bottom turnbuckle. Her beautiful face exposed to Torrie. Torrie backs up away from Mandy.

Suddenly Kelly swings in with a swinging neckbreaker onto Torrie. The crowd cheers Kelly on!

Kelly! Kelly! Kelly!

The audience fires up Kelly who talks trash to Torrie as she rolls out of the ring to get out of harms way. Kelly taunts her as she rolls out.

Kelly notices Mandy Rose is on all fours now.

Kelly looks on at the beautiful creation in prime position for her.

Kelly jumps eagerly onto Mandy, wrapping her leg around Mandy’s head. Kelly’s perfect brown thighs K2 the face of Mandy Rose.

Kelly gets a cover on Mandy. 1…


3! Mandy has been eliminated from the Chamber!

Torrie is frustrated that Kelly eliminated Mandy. Torrie charges into the ring and thows punch after punch reigning down onto Kelly.

Kelly tries to cover her head.

The countdown comes on again for the next entrant.

The countdown gets down to one and the next entrant enters the pod.

Carrie Underwood exits her pod and enters the ring.

Torrie notices Carrie entering the ring. “You want some of this too!”

Carrie yells right back, “Don’t think I forgot about you stinkfacing me at Survivor Series!”

Torrie approaches Carrie angrily. Carrie yelps in fear of Torrie coming after her.

Torrie grabs Carrie and begins banging her head against the turnbuckle.

The crowd chant’s along to the number 10.

Torrie drags a  beaten Carrie to the middle of the ring.

Torrie kicks Carrie in her stomach and facebusters her into the mat.

Torrie with a hook of the leg.









JR: “Carrie doesn’t look like she’s getting out of this one.







Carrie is eliminated.

Match Continues in Next Post…

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