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Ashley Graham is shown arriving with a serious look on her face. She’s bandaged from the top of her head. It’s obviously due to the chair shot broken over her head from the Elimination Chamber. Ashley arrives in her sports car.

Margot the opportunist approaches Ashley. “Ashley your match is tomorrow what are you doing here tonight? And my follow up question is, are you ready for Paige tomorrow?”

Ashley focuses on Margot now. Well, I’m here to make sure a certain country singer doesn’t cause anymore trouble tonight. If she comes out again… I’m giving her a WrestleMania moment she won’t forget! And regarding Paige…” Ashley visibly gives attitude to Margot, “…do I look worried?… Tonight I’m making Paige my BITCH!”

Ashley walks past Margot.

Margot addresses the audience, “Well folks, Ashley is wearing multiple hats as she’s security for Carrie tonight and a performer tomorrow.”

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