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*Wrestlemania night one will be headlined by Ariel vs Brandi Rhodes buries alive match*

Brandi Rhodes makes her way out to great reaction from the crowd.

JR: “Brandi is on the upswing. If she can pull off a win tonight it would be the biggest win of her career.”

The lights go out.

The lights come back on and Ariel is in the ring.

King: “This is a buried alive match. One woman is going to get buried in a pile of dirt beside us.”

JR: “This is going to be a fight not a traditional wrestling match!”

Ariel stands firmly in her position as Brandi cautiously approaches Ariel.

Brandi is first to strike as she just throws a right hand in Ariel’s face. A second, a third, and a fourth right hand had to the face of Ariel. Ariel backs up into the ropes.

Brandi clotheslines Ariel out of the ring.

The crowd cheers Brandi on. “Brandi! Brandi! Brandi!”

Brandi climbs the top turnbuckle.

JR: “Ariel is going for high impact early! This needs to pay off or this could hurt Brandi big time!”

Ariel launches off the top turnbuckle towards the floor.

Ariel is on her feet and collapses to the ground. The flying diva had crashed down onto Ariel with a big cross body.

Ariel has a look of shock on her face as she wasn’t expecting Brandi to be on her tail like this.

Brandi gets up and starts kicking away at Ariel stomping her body.

Brandi walks on over to the steps and picks them up.

Ariel is on all fours as she doesn’t know what’s coming next.

Brandi tosses the steel ring steps up in the air above Ariel. The steps go crashing down on top of Ariel, flattening her like a bug.

King: “Holy smokes! Brandi isn’t playing games tonight!”

Brandi drags Ariel by her hair up the ramp towards the pile of dirt.

JR: “This is unexpected King! Ariel is getting an ass kicking right now!”

King: “Brandi’s drive has been quite something. She’s always the aggressor in her matches. Tonight she’s showing up!”

Brandi has dragged the corpse of Ariel up the ramp and is already by the dirt.

Ariel grabs a handful of dirt and tosses it into her opponent’s vision.

Her opponent instinctively begins trying to get the dirt out of her eyes.   

The vampire now rises to her feet. She lifts her leg and kicks her boot into the ass of Brandi. Brandi goes flying into the hole already dug.

The crowd boos loudly. They don’t want to see Brandi lose tonight.

“You ruined everything!” the vampire yells at her rival.

Ariel dives into the hole with her fangs out. She looks like a monster as she dives into the hole.

The camera man goes to get a look inside the hole. Brandi can briefly be seen on the screen lifting her boot upward.

Ariel had jumped into a big boot from Brandi.

Ariel goes unconscious into the corner of a whole.

Brandi eagerly approaches Ariel and viciously begins smashing her boot into the face of Ariel. Ariel’s head is being banged against a corner in the hole. Dirt falls into her face making it hard to see Ariel’s face. Brandi unapologetically rams her boot into Ariel’s face over and over again trying to make her go unconscious. Ariel’s face cannot be seen between the dirt and Brandi’s boot covering her face.

Brandi backs off the whole and screams in triumph.

Brandi climbs out of the whole and picks up the shovel. She follows it up with shoveling dirt into the hole after shoveling for 5 minutes.

JR: “I wonder if we’re witnessing the end of Ariel.”

King: “Whomever loses is going down hard JR. It’s a buried alive match!”

Brandi suddenly screams in fear. Ariel had reached out of the whole and grabbed the ankles of Brandi. It’s difficult to make out Ariel’s face because of all the dirt.

Brandi reacts with taking her shovel in her hand and crushing it against the top of Ariel’s head.

Ariel goes unconscious. Blood dripping from her mouth as she lifelessly falls into the hole.

Brandi begins feverishly shoveling dirt into the hole. She doesn’t want to see Ariel pop up again and surprise her.

JR: “This is a sickening match. Ariel has just been buried alive!”

Brandi tosses her shovel onto the dirt and raises her arms in victory.

The crowd is somewhat conflicted with the outcome. They’re happy to see Brandi won. But they just witnessed someone get buried alive.

Brandi is covered in dirt. As she walks off.

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