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Back in the ring, Nikki has already left with being up 1-0. Kelly is recuperating in the ring. She’s drinking a water bottle as trainers check to see if she wants to continue.

JR: “Kelly’s using this time to get some much needed h2o into her system for her next battle.”

The bass beats play again and out comes Bri by herself.

Bri enters the ring and smacks the water bottle out of Kelly’s hand and begins punching away at Kelly.

The ref rings the bell and the match is underway. Kelly is punched repeatedly until she’s reeling on the ropes.

The ref steps in to break the two apart.

Kelly uses that break to shake the cobwebs.

The ref finally gets out of Bri’s face.

Kelly runs towards Bri and goes for one of her signatures moves. Kelly has run towards Bri and has flipped herself so that she’s doing a hurricaneranna. Kelly is spinning in the ring as she uses her legs to desperately hold onto Bri’s head. Kelly screams in pain as she hangs on. This move put pressure on her sides which were damaged earlier by the rack attack.

Kelly finally commits to the hurricaneranna and ends the spin with a flip to Bri. Bri lands on her back. Kelly is on all fours still recovering and breathing heavily. Bri is already to her feet. Kelly runs to Bri and gives a running neckbreaker, slamming the back of Bri’s head into the mat.

The crowd sees hope and begins to rally behind Kelly.

Kelly is focusing on the match though. She’s not playing to the crowd anymore. Bri gets to her feet and so does Kelly. Bri kicks Kelly in the mid section and sets her up for a DDT.

Bri maneuvers Kellys sweaty head under her arm and falls backward grabbing Kelly with her. Kelly escapes the DDT attempt! Partly because she’s so sweaty Bri couldn’t keep a good enough hold on Kelly.

Kelly takes advantage, and grabs the legs of Bri while she’s on her back.

JR: “Kelly’s going for the figure four leg lock!”

Kelly wraps Bri’s legs up and locks in the figure four.

The crowd begins clapping in a manner to encourage Bri to tap.

Bri screams in pain.

Kelly screams also. Kelly looks to apply more pressure and turns the figure four into a figure eight.

Bri screams in pain.

JR: “Is Bri going to tap???!!!”

Bri eagerly reaches the ropes. She’s still got a lot of energy left. Bri drags Kelly with her towards the rope.

King: “Damage is being done. Bri needs to get out of this quick!”

Kelly’s legs are squeezing Bri’s legs applying more and more pressure.

Kelly begins crying. She’s crying hoping to hear Bri taps. But she feels Bri pulling her towards the ropes. “Please tap you bitch!”

Bri reaches eagerly and finally… she reaches the bottom rope.

The ref immediately breaks the hold.

Kelly is dejected. In frustration she bangs the mat with her fist. “Damn it!”

Bri checks her legs. Bri then begins getting up.

Kelly can’t keep up with Bri. Bri has made it to her feet before she could. Bri staggers as she walks towards the downed Kelly.

Kelly gets to all fours.

Bri’s legs give out as she stumbles to all fours. She yelps. “My legs!!!! Ugh!!! ☹”

Kelly found her opening. Kelly runs the ropes and bounces off of them. Kelly launches her golden legs around the head of Bri and guides Bri’s face into the mat.

Bri bounces off the mat and onto her back.

JR: “Can Kelly take this??!! Kelly needs to make a cover!”

Kelly is still in the seated position holding her sides from the damage done earlier by the Rack Attack. Kelly leans her back against the body of Bri. She clutches her sides hoping for a the ref to give her good news.

The ref makes the count and Kelly takes the second round.

The crowd cheers in approval.

King: “Holy cow! Kelly actually pulled this off!”

Here is your winner, Kelly Kelly!

JR: “Kelly wins the heartbreaker round and her heart is showing life as it beats its way into the final round, a Last Woman Standing Match!”

King: “Kelly wanted to prove she’s not just a ‘barbie doll’ we’ll she’s changing minds tonight!”

JR: “We’ll see what she’s got left in the tank. But for now she gets to take a breather. It’s the body round and she’s gonna need to pull herself together for it. At least she’s got a break as we have Ariel and Brandi up next.“

The ref raises Kelly’s arm as she her golden smile flashes. Kelly just made her way back into this match.

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