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Ashley Graham makes her way out. She walks down the ramp with a serious look on her face.

JR: “Sources tell us last night that Ashley came to the building yesterday and never left. Ashley has been ready all night for Paige.”

King: “She probably didn’t have to worry because Stephanie takes care of her.”

Ashley is in the ring looking at the tron. Waiting for Paige.

Paige’s music plays the crowd is on their feet. Their looking forward to seeing Paige again, despite her unwillingness to accept the crowd.

Paige’s music is playing but she hasn’t come out yet.

“Come on out bitch!” Ashley screams.

The camera goes backstage to the garage. A Monster truck can be seen arriving. The monster truck comes through the garage and heads towards Ashley’s sports car. The monster truck smashes into the sports car and completely runs over it. The truck parks on top of the sports car.

Ashley is seen from the ring with her eyes wide open, in shock of what’s transpired.

Paige busts out of the moonstruck in her familiar black leather jacket. She hops out of the truck and climbs down it. Paige begins looking over the damage, “I hope that has insurance.”

“Start the goddamn match I’m going to go beat her ass right now!” Ashley yells to the referee. The referee has the bell rung and Ashley makes her way up the ramp.

Paige heads to the ring not knowing the match has started.

Paige sees Ashley heading towards her. She sees Ashley is pissed and with a referee.

“I gave your car a makeover darling!” Paige giggles and picks up a steel chair right beside her as she approaches Ashley.

Ashley and Paige finally meet up.

Paige swings with the chair at Ashley.  Ashley bangs the chair out of Paige’s hands. Ashley knocks the chair out of Paige’s hand.

Ashley punches Paige in her face.

Paige tumbles backwards.

Ashley grabs Paige by her head and bangs her head into a nearby wall right beside them. She bashes her head repeatedly into the wall and mixes it up with clubs with her arms to the back of Paige’s back.

Paige falls to her knees before Ashley.

Ashley then lifts up Paige effortlessly and performs the dominator onto Paige. Paige’s body hits the floor hard.

JR : ‘’That’s the human body hitting a cold hard floor ladies and gentlemen. There’s no padding there!”

Paige grasping her knees, as this was the first to hit the hard floor.

Ashley picks up a crate nearby and drops onto Paige’s back. Paige is flattened like a bug on the concrete floor. Paige yells in pain.

“Where’s that big mouth of yours now?! Try to take my title match again bitch!” Ashley yells.

Ashley grabs the former champion and easily lifts her onto her shoulders. She heads on over to the truck with Paige lifelessly on her shoulders.

Stephanie is seen making her way over to the scene. “Finish her Ashley! End her!”

Ashley sees Stephanie and points to her, almost a sign of approval.

Ashley then levels Paige with a devasting running powerslam onto what’s left of her sports car. Ashely’s belly completely smothers Paige’s face. Paige slobbers all over the stomach above her face.

The referee makes a quick cover and ends the match.

Ashley removes herself from Paige. Paige’s corpse slides off the wreckage as soon as she doesn’t have the support of Ashley.

Stephanie raises Ashley’s arm in victory.

Stephanie then digs into Paige’s signature jacket, “Since she ruined your car you should take hers.” She pulls out the keys to the monster truck. “Here you go Monster Truck! You can have the rest of the night off.” She hands the keys to Ashley.

Ashley smiles and hops aboard the monster truck and drives away.

Officials are checking on Paige, she’s in a seated position as the staff check on her.

Stephanie eyes Paige on the floor and gives an order to the medical team, “MOVE OUT OF THE WAY!”

The team moves out of the way.

Paige is still unconscious.

Stephanie looks down upon her beaten foe. “Don’t ever cross the boss!” Stephanie then hawks up a loogie and spits it on Paige’s face. She then spits more than once on Paige’s pretty face.








The loogie lands on her forehead, and begins dripping down her face from her forehead. It trickles from her forehead down to her cheek, as it crawls downward.

Stephanie walks away. As the medical team resumes checking on her.

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