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JR: “Welcome to night two of WrestleMania!”

King: “Tonight Lana and the Beautiful people fight!”

JR: “Former world champion Paige faces the immovable object, Ashley Graham!”

King: “Night one of WrestleMania was so jammed packed that the match between Kelly Kelly and Nikki was moved to tonight! Tonight, we’re crowning the Intercontinental Champion!”
JR: “Unfortunately WWE Champion Trish Stratus vs Royal Rumble winner, Elimination Chamber winner, the undefeated Torrie Wilson is going to be moved to an unprecedented night three of Mania!”

King: “They’ll have night three to themselves it looks like JR! But first…”

“Hello!? Can ya’ll hear me!” a voice mutters from the ring.

King: “Oh no! Not again!”

“Yes, you all can hear me! Welcome to night two of WrestleMania!” Carrie exclaims.

JR: “Carrie is crazy.”

“I spoke with Stephanie McMahon Helmsley after I was unceremoniously kicked out of WrestleMania night one and she agrees that I should be part of WrestleMania and she guaranteed that I can have my moment tonight!… So tonight, I’m going to have my moment! Hit the lights because it’s time for me to give the national anthem!”

King: “Let’s get this over with already.”

The lights go dark except one light. There’s one light shining down Carrie on Carrie.

“Oh say can you seeeeee, by the dawn’s…”

The country sensation becomes a girl interrupted.

King: “Look who it is JR!”

Angela comes out.

Carrie Underwood is in the ring, she looks like she’s seen a ghost. She had beat Angela senseless with a microphone on the,

13th Edition of Raw and got her friend, Robbie to retire.

Angela comes into the ring with a mic in hand, “Remember me Bitch!”

JR. “We haven’t seen Angela since she was in the hospital room that Carrie put her in!”

Angela follows up with banging her microphone against the top of Carrie’s head.

Carrie falls to the mat and rolls out of the ring.

Angela tries to grab her but Carrie is quick to exit and begin running up the ramp away from Angelina.

Angela grabs the mic, “We’re not done yet Carrie! You and I have a score to settle!”

Carrie flees up the ramp and away from Angela.

JR: “Well there’s her Mania moment.”

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