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Nikki Bella and Kelly Kelly are in the ring. Ring announcements are done.

“The winner of this match will be crowned the first ever Intercontinental Champion!” Ariande makes in ring introductions.

Kelly is drinking a bottle of water as she’s in the ring. She’s still recovering from last night’s Mania bout.

“The two challengers are Kelly Kelly…” The crowd cheers Kelly on. “Vs Nikki Bella!” The crowd boos.

Nikki actually looks rested up as she teases Kelly with a booty dance. “That title is going around my sexy waist.”

“This match is going to test their bodies in a Last Woman Standing Match!” Ariande concludes her in ring introductions and holds the intercontinental title over her head.

Nikki confidently approaches Kelly. Kelly approaches Nikki not backing down. The two women get into each other’s face and begin talking trash.

Kelly actually catches Nikki off guard and head butts Nikki’s forehead, forcing her to clutch her head in pain. Kelly with some clubbing blows to the back of Nikki’s back.

JR: “Kelly’s with the early advantage here King.”

Kelly gets behind Nikki and delivers a running bulldog landing on her ass and Nikki on her face. Kelly snaps her hair out of her face as it had gotten in her way.

Nikki rolls out of the ring for the recovery.

King: “Smart move by Nikki as she looks to take a breather.”

Kelly runs to one side of the ring and then runs again towards Nikki and goes for a suicide dive, crashing into Nikki Bella outside of the ring.

JR: “Kelly needs to rely on speed and continue to rally here to stay in this bout. Or else it’s going to end the same way it did last time.”

King: “I think Nikki is still stunned by the headbutt.”

Kelly positions herself by Nikki’s legs.

JR: “It looks like Kelly’s going for the figure four! This is what took down Bri!”

Kelly successfully locks in the figure-four leg lock.

King: “She’s got it!”

Kelly applies pressure on the floor.

Nikki sits up and is yelling in pain.

The crowd begins banging their hands encouraging Nikki to tap.

“Tap you bitch!” Kelly yells.

Nikki is screaming in pain and begins tapping out.

King: “This is a last woman standing match, that won’t end it Nikki!”

Kelly’s hard working cardio legs applies more pressure. Kelly yells at Nikki just wanting to inflict pain on her.

Nikki screams at the top of her lungs in pain. “You fuckin bitch!! I HATE YOU!!!!”

Nikki begins banging her fists against Kelly’s legs hoping it can get Kelly off of her.

Kelly attempts to ignore the blows in favor of hurting Nikki some more. Kelly lets her legs go numb from the clubbing blows and begins pulsing her legs.

Nikki taps some more as the crowd cheers this.

Nikki realizes Kelly’s not letting go and reaches as far as she can while in the figure four and delivers a fist punch to Kelly’s lip. Causing Kelly to release the hold and snap down to the floor. Kelly begins crawling away from Nikki as Nikki survey’s the damage done to her legs.
Nikki tries to get up but her legs can’t support her standing up anymore. Its been damaged by the figure four.

Kelly begins getting to her feet as she looks down on Nikki who’s in a seated position on the floor.

Nikki looks up at Kelly with hatred, “You sneaky bitch, this was your plan to beat me?”

The ref begins making the count, “1… 2… 3… 4…”

Kelly sarcastically responds to Nikki, “Use the steel steps to help get you up.”

Nikki with no other choice crawls to the steel steps.


Nikki begins using the steel steps to get to her feet.

“You’ve had this coming for a while Nikki!” Kelly mutter.

Kelly takes advantage of Nikki’s vulnerable position. Nikki is primed for Kelly right now. Kelly takes advantage of Nikki and K2s Nikki’s face into steel steps.


Bri comes out onto the stage, she has a look of worry as she witnesses Nikki lose this match.






The ref bring the bell, “Here is your winner and first Intercontinental Champion, Kelly Kelly!”

Kelly raises the title to a cheering crowd.

Bri makes her way towards Nikki. Kelly makes her way up the ramp.

The two women pass each other but don’t strike. They both turn around and watch their own backs to make sure the other doesn’t attack.

After a decent distance, they focus on where they’re going and not on each other. Bri tends to her sister. Kelly heads up the ramp and holds the title up one more time to a happy audience.

JR: “Judging by their interactions just now King, this rivalry is over.”

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    1. Kelly didn’t play games with Nikki.
      And pulled off a big win. Speed and catching her opponent off guard was key to winning.
      Nikki won the most important round, the pinfall victory in the soul crushing first round.
      But this rivalry is over too.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Oh ok. I like them both. I can’t make up my mind on who I like more. But I went with giving the win to Kelly because i thought she was more liked. So I gave her the edge.

        But I noted ur not a fan of her then.

        Liked by 1 person

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