Margot is backstage in the interview set with Stephanie McMahon. As expected Margot is particularly excited to be back. “Stephanie, I’d just like to say I didn’t know we were coming back early from our break but I’m so happy you answered my call last week and we’re here having this interview. I’m ok with not being on the season opener last week but I’m happy to be back here again interviewing!”

Stephanie nods in agreement “It’s OK Margot, it’s really my fault I should have had you here last week. With the times we’re living in, we need to take extra precautions. But I hope this makes up for it by giving you this interview!” A coy smile etches across Stephanie’s face.”

Margot replies, “I understand, Thank you so much Stephanie for having me!” Margot addresses the Universe now, “Ladies and Gentleman I get to interview the great Stephanie McMahon tonight and the Universe is excited to see some wrestling again!”

Stephanie is all smiles as she replies, “That’s right Margot, it’s all thanks to the superstars, the people who put this show together, and the Thunderdome we’re allowed to air programming!”

Margot is nodding in agreement, “Yes, the reviews are in and everyone is raving about the Thunderdome…. But there’s only one thing missing Mrs. McMahon…” 

Stephanie is quick to respond, “and what’s that Margot?” 

“Well… it doesn’t look like we’re all back… we’re missing one of the main players of Monday Night Raw…” Margot replies curiously.

Stephanie already knows where this is going.

She continues, “…The Universe wants to know what’s going on with the WWE Championship? Will the world title be defended at Clash? The WWE Universe wants to know where’s Tr…?”

Stephanie cuts Margot off. “I’m sorry Margot I need to answer this call!”

“I didn’t hear your phone ring?”

“Ashley has my phone and is calling me over. I need to take this phone call.”

Stephanie leaves the set. 

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  1. The announcers for the most part have been protected. Margot sort of has had free reign. The threat of Ashley wasn’t truly there.
    But this was more a case of Stephanie dodging questions and making up things to avoid the reporter.


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