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Lana is in the ring as the announcer does in ring introductions, “In this corner, accompanied by Alexa, Bliss, Lana! And in this corner, accompanied by Angelina Love, it’s Madison Rayne.

“Alexa trained me well! I’m going to crush you Madison!” Lana taunts.

Madison whispers under her breath, “I need to beat you Russian bitch.”

Lana charges like a rookie, but Madison dodged the charging Lana.

Lana catches herself at the turnbuckle.

She turns around and charges Madison again and this time Madison didn’t have Lana skouted.

Lana clothesline’s Madison. A demanding clothesline forcing Madison into the ground hard.

JR: Lana is a powerhouse King. She’s just needs more seasoning but once she gets there. She’ll be a force to be reckoned with.

Lana picks up Madison by her hair, “Lacey this is what I’ll do to you at Clash!”

Alexa cheers Lana on at ringside, “Let her have it Lana!”

Angelina pleads with Madison to get back into the match, “Come on Madison! Lacey won’t accept another loss!”

Madison starts delivering some right fist to Lana’s abs breaking Lana’s grasp on her hair.

Madison now face to face with Lana as she punches her some more in her face now.

Madison creates some distance and runs the ropes and heads back to Lana.

Lana catches Madison with a sit down spine buster to an unsuspecting Madison.

Alexa hollers from ringside, “YAAASSSS GIRL!!!! I showed her that move! This one’s over!”

Lana with a sexual cover on Madison.








2… 3!

Alexa rushes in the ring to celebrate with Lana. Lana hugs her back and is so happy to have won.

Angelina reaches for Madison and pulls her out of the ring. Dragging her away.

Alexa jumps into the arms of Lana as they celebrate a big win for Lana.

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