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Torrie Wilson is in the ring as she awaits the Champion’s entrance. The IC champ just finished up her interview with Margot and blasts through the curtain. The audience cheers loudly for the champion’s entrance.

Once in the ring, Kelly raises her title to audience in the monitors.
JR: “I think Kelly just got the biggest pop of the night!”

Torrie doesn’t look impressed.

In ring Introductions are done, introducing first, is the challenger, Torrie Wilson! The crowd boos.

And her opponent, the Intercontinental Champion, Kelly Kelly! A loud pop for Kelly.

After in-ring introductions are done, Kelly relinquishes the title to the referee.

Torrie mutters to herself, “Once I give your pretty face to my ass people will forget about Mania.”

Kelly and Torrie lock-up.

King: “I don’t care what Kelly says, these women have a lot in common, they’re both so damn beautiful!”

JR: “Easy King, Kelly might come down here and K-2 you into the table!”

Torrie with a thumb to the eye during the lock-up. Kelly reels backward, as the ref scolds Torrie.

Torrie acts like she didn’t do anything wrong before grabbing Kelly. Torrie lifts Kelly up and drops her right back down on her knee for a backwards atomic drop!

Kelly bounces off Torrie’s knee in pain.


Torrie grabs Kelly by the back of her head and runs her into the turnbuckle face first. Torrie uses Kelly’s head like a basketball to dribble it on the turnbuckle until she does it ten times.

She would have gone for eleven but the referee intervened, “That’s Enough! Only TEN!”

Kelly is dizzy from the onslaught. She turns around dizzily to be face to face with the bustier blonde.

The crowd begins chanting “KELLY KELLY!”

JR: “The audience is rallying their favorite tonight!”

Kelly is using the turnbuckle to keep herself from falling down.

Torrie with a dash and goes for a Stinger Splash onto Kelly. Her boobs smashing into the face of Kelly!

King: “Boy! Torrie is stepping up!”

Kelly can’t help but lose her balance and falls into a seated position.

The referee already knows what that means. The audience chants louder for Kelly, “KELLY KELLY KELLY!”

Before the referee can get a look at Torrie. Torrie is unceremoniously tossing her trunks into the audience, as her ass hangs out of her thong. Torrie looks crazed as she eyes an opportunity in the seated Kelly.

Torrie doesn’t have time for shenanigans. She doesn’t do her sexy walk anymore she heads on over to position herself in front of Kelly.

Above Kelly Kelly is a treasure of ass hanging above her face.

Torrie drops her ass down hard. She’s never been so eager to slam her ass down before. Kelly’s face May be the most beautiful face ever to kiss Torrie’s ass.

Torrie looks puzzled. Torrie’s ass doesn’t feel face.

Kelly had scooted upward as Torrie was about to stinkface her, she’s now standing in front of Torrie with an angry look on her race. Torrie’s ass still on the bottom turnbuckle looking surprised at Kelly.

Kelly begins viciously unloading right hands on Torrie until Torrie plummets to the bottom turnbuckle. The ref scolds Kelly for the punches but Kelly has now started stomping on Torrie Wilson aggressively now.

The crowd cheers Kelly on.

Kelly runs to the opposite turnbuckle and back towards Torrie. A running but-bump goes crashing into Torrie Wilson, causing Torrie’s head to snap backwards.

The ref tries to get Kelly to cool off.

Torrie looks dazed as she crawls away from the turnbuckle.

JR: Torrie looks like she doesn’t know where she is!

King: Torrie is not in a good position right now JR. She’s in prime position right now for Kelly.

Kelly walks to the poorly positioned blonde bombshell.

“Good-night old Kelly Kelly, WE ARE NOT ALIKE!”

Kelly levels Torrie with a K-2.

Torrie bounces off the mat as she lays stretched-out in the center of the ring.

Kelly hooks the leg for the pinfall victory.


















Ding ding

JR: They’re not alike King!

King: Yea, I believe it now. But man are they both hot!

Kelly is given the IC Title and is just all smiles now. The anger is gone. The crowd cheers Kelly on to end the night.

JR: Tune in tomorrow night for RAW folks!

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    1. Yup it’s a big statement win to defeat the mania main eventer

      And Torrie was looking to improve her image after mania but she’s faltering again. She’s still scarred from mania.


  1. Big time win for Kelly. Shows why she is the champion and that her and torrie are nothing alike. Stories would have loved to get Kelly face in her ass

    Liked by 1 person

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