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Kelly is on her way through Gorilla Position. Margot is lucky enough to get a hold of Kelly before her match.
Margot: KELLY! KELLY! Can I get just a moment of your time! We haven’t heard from you!

Kelly turns around to see Margot, “Hi Margot, what’s up?

Margot: “Like usual your as beautiful as ever by the way!… Kelly, I wanted to get inside your head for a bit, What did you think of Torrie saying that the two of you are a lot alike? Are you worried about her stinkface?”

Kelly: “Well thank you for the compliment Margot… But regarding Torrie it’s the same thing I said on Raw this week, Torrie’s right that we have some things in common. But we’ve got our differences. I have something to prove. I won this title…” Kelly points to her shoulder. “by fighting and winning my matches! I’m not just another pretty face. Torrie is still like the ‘old me’ she’s satisfied with just getting by and getting a paycheck. If Torrie can prove me wrong, and take my title… then I deserve to eat my words and get stuff with her stinkface. I’m talking a big game right now Margot because me and Torrie… really are not alike.”

Margot: Good luck tonight Kelly!

Kelly: Thanks Margot 

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