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************Viewers Discretion is Advised*************

The four women have entered the ring.

The following match is a tag team hell in a cell match.

Angela is talking to Anna but her body language doesn’t seem to vibe. Angela is clearly annoyed with her partner who doesn’t seem to be as focused as she once was.

Carrie is excited as she stands in the ring behind the mystery woman. She’s been eagerly waiting to finally be in the same space as this mystery woman. She’s been looking for her for the past few weeks.

The mystery woman stands there smiling at Angela. They’re eyes lock as these two women seem to be the only two aware of the magnitude of this vicious match they’re about to take part of.

The cell lowers.

There’s chaos running through the mind of Angela as she begins to panic. Angela breaks her gaze into the mystery woman’s eyes and refocus on getting Anna into this match, “What the fuck is wrong with you ANNA??!! Focus!!! Why are y-..?!”

Anna stands there… cold.

The cell finally has locked all four women in the cage. There’s officially nowhere for anyone to go.

The bell rings and the match has officially started.

Angela backs off of Anna as she’s just become unresponsive to her. She exits the ring not knowing what to do. Standing by the steel stairs.

The mystery woman smirks. A smirk that says, If only you knew what was about to happen.

Anna finally moves. She turns around, finally giving her partner attention, to witness her backing away in horror. Angela has finally realized she’s the ‘odd one out.’ Anna has turned.

Angela has been so worried about the predicament, that she hadn’t noticed Carrie has been sneaking around. Carrie sneaks up behind Angela and jumps on her back, like a tarantula, wrapping her arms and legs around Angela’s torso and neck. She squeezes the life out of a terror-stricken, Angela.

Anna exits the ring quickly and rushes to her partner. She kicks her partner behind her knee so that she’s on her knees now before Anna, with the country sensation still wrapped around her. Anna sees in Angela’s eyes their really red from the squeeze The Grammy winner is putting on her. Anna with a smirk, quickly turns around and stuffs her partner face between her but cheeks. Anna’s cheeks lock her teammates face in place. The combination of being between Anna’s ass and being choked out, Angela blacks out quickly.

Angela wakes up. She doesn’t know how long she’s been out for. She awakens, restrained. Her arms are handcuffed behind her back. She looks up to see the trio before her. Mystery woman, Carrie, and her own partner. All of them are looking down at her with sadistic smiles.

“What do you want???!!!” Angela pleads. “Please don’t hurt me… this was just between me and Carrie… I don’t want none of this… please let me go…I forfeit!”

The mystery woman finally speaks, she speaks very pleasantly and tenderly to her captive, “Sweetie… you’re in the devil’s playground… it’s not over until I say it’s over.”

Angela tries to speak but she can’t, she can’t seem to formulate words due to her fear at the moment.

Carrie and Anna lower themselves to hold Angela down for what’s to come.

The mystery woman violently grabs the face of her beautiful prisoner.

JR: “I don’t care if this is a damn cell match! This needs to stop right now! The match is over!”

King: “Can somebody come out here and end this! This needs to stop already!”

JR: “They’ve should’ve stopped this match after the referee went down! While Angela was unconscious, the referee was taken out by Anna! Now, no one can even end this match!”

They mystery woman sinks her nails into the face of Angela to hold her down. The flesh of her prisoner has now been pierced and blood is now gushing from the face of the beautiful woman. It trickles into the mystery woman’s hands.

Angela is screaming now. She yells for help, “Please someone help! I don’t want to fight anymore!! I forfeit!!!! I forfeit!!!” Angela just wanted the match with Carrie, to end their rivalry. She didn’t want any business with any of these other women. This was all for Robbie, whom Carrie retired. This was all for her. Her career is over because of Carrie. Anna was supposed to have her back. With one last plea, “I didn’t do anything to you! Please let me go!!”

The mystery woman’s sweet voice starts up again, “You’re mine now. I’ll take care of you.”

Referees and security have dispatched from the locker room and are heading to the ring, one even carrying metal clippers. They’ve surrounded the door of the cell to undo the cell door.

JR: “Apparently, icy heart of Stephane even thinks ‘enough is enough.’ I’m glad she’s allowing security to break this up!”

Three referees signal to the time keeper, who’ still staring in awe of what’s going on in the ring, “Stephanie says the match is over! Ring the damn bell!”

The time keeper snaps out of it. The bell rings crazily.

While still in the mystery woman’s grasp, face-to-face with Angela. The mystery woman begins coughing aggressively in the face of Angela. Saliva and mucous flying like daggers out of the mystery woman’s chops 👄 and trajects into the face and mouth of the screaming victim. Angela’s face begins to get covered in spit and mucous as the mystery woman coughs, heaves, and whizzes, into the beautiful woman’s face. Her face is so close her teeth even chip the flesh of the nose of Angela as she begins to bleed from there. The coughing woman’s drool goes down the throat of Angela as her tears mix with the disgusting snot all over her face. Angela’s face is dripping with utter humiliation.

The camera gets a horrific shot of one of Angela’s eyes. In the shot, the one eye says it all. It’s opened wide, the look of fear can be seen in this one eye as also the reflection of the woman hawking a storm directly into her face. It’s until one of the pieces of saliva makes it’s way to her eye that it finally shuts. Spit drips down her cheek along with her tears.

The mystery woman lays a sloppy kiss into the mouth of Angela now.

Security has finally busted through the cell door as humanity pours into the structure.

The lights go out for about 30 seconds.

When they come back on. Angela is unconscious in the ring dripping in spit. Her hair also wet from the hail storm that encompassed her mug.

The referees are checking on her.

King: “Get that woman a damn covid test!!!”

JR: “I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything like this! That poor girl!”

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