Trish is in the ring she has a cast around her waist as raw begins. The champion stands tall carrying the World Title around her shoulder, “Last night, at HIAC, I beat ‘Nikki Mode!’” The crowd cheers wildly. “…Something I’d like to address now is Stephanie McMahon… I haven’t heard from you since I’ve returned… and I need to know… if you and I have a problem. We both know that when a McMahon doesn’t get what she wants, bad things happen. I stand in this ring, battered from last night, but I need answers!!!”

After a few minutes of silence.

“What’s it going to be Steph!!! I can wait all night!”

Suddenly Bri sneaks up behind Trish tackling her down. Bri got the jump on Trish and is laying out punches all over Trish as the buxom beauty tries to block some of these hot shots.

“You got lucky you Troll! Step aside already!” Bri says.

The hair on the two women makes it hard to see what punches are landing.

JR: “Bri needs to get out of there! She has no business being there!”

As the referees separate the two women they both are trying to continue fighting. Trish scratches the face of Bri leaving an ugly scratch across her face. “You scratched me! How dare you scratch me!”

“Did Stephanie send you out here!! Wait till I get my hands on you!” the champ hollers right back.

Suddenly, a woman climbs the top rope behind Trish.

JR: “That’s Nikki!!!”

Nikki leaps into the air and dives onto an unsuspecting Trish Stratus from behind and the security surrounding her, causing a major collapse of humanity.

Nikki can be seen viciously striking the back of Trish’s head with those stiff forearms smashes, “WE’RE NOT DONE!!! I WANT MY REMATCH!!! LET ME BE IMMORTAL!!!”

Suddenly Bri is all smiles as she holds the “L” sign with her fingers over her head, and directs it at the champion, “Loser!!!”

King: “There’s chaos here JR! We need order!”

Finally, security breaks up the three women, Trish is being dragged out of the ring, as security gets a hold of the powerhouse, Nikki. “You’re such a loser Trish! LOSER!!!! I’m going to win that damn title!!”

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