Stephanie appears on the screen, “Good Evening! We’ll after that raucous start to the show; allow me to put a pin on it. I’m making announcements for Survivor Series with the first being this… At Survivor Series a traditional Survivor Series matchup will take place…

Team Alexa (Alexa, Lana, TBD, TBD) Vs. Beautiful People (Lacey, Angelina, Velvet, & Madison)

After a dominant win inside the steel structure last night, I think personally, it’s only fitting, Mystery Woman, or whatever your name is, Vs. IC Champion, Kelly Kelly for the title!

Finally, WWE Champion Trish Stratus will compete at Survivor Series in a triple threat match! It’ll be WWE Champ, Trish Stratus vs. Bri Bella vs. Nikki Bella.

And next week on Raw, the champions will be in action… Kelly goes one on one with Anna! Trish Stratus goes one-on-one with Bri Bella!… To show I’m not one sided, Nikki will be in action later tonight in the main event. As soon as I find a name she can fight I’ll let you know so that’s TBD too.” 

BOOOOOOS are directed at the billion-dollar princess.

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  1. Interesting mystery woman takes on kelly. Mystery woman gets handed her first loss. Kelly is way to good to lose to her. And Trish is in a tough spot. Sound alike more of a 2 on 1 match

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Trish is a bad situation.

      Kelly is facing a foe that we kinda don’t know much about.
      In the coming raws more will be revealed about her.

      Kelly is sort of a disadvantage because of how little she, or anyone, knows about her.
      We’ll see if Kelly can overcome the unknown at Survivor Series.
      On top of that, we need to see how this sits with Brandi Rhodes.


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