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The Mystery Woman is backstage with two bodacious blondes, Anna and Carrie. A camera is being pointed upward at them. The woman looks rather majestic; being in the middle, between two beautiful blondes.

JR: “We so rarely get to hear ‘about who’ this Mystery woman is. Since she’s debuted at Mania we still don’t know anything about her!”

Her sweet voice is heard for the first time on RAW, “First, Thank you Mrs. McMahon. I’m thrilled to be called upon to challenge Kelly for her IC Title. Kelly your being put on notice as of today, at Survivor Series, I’m going to be the second IC Champ…”

The blonde duo nod as the Mystery Woman speaks.

“…And Stephanie… as a token of my appreciation, I’m sending you, an opponent for Nikki tonight…” The camera pans out more to reveal a fourth woman in the crew, “…dear, you’re going to step in the ring with Nikki tonight!”
Angela stands up, she’s monotone when she speaks, “Yes, I’ll fight her tonight.” She leaves the room.

The Mystery Woman smiles as Angela does as she’s told.

JR: “I can’t believe this! Angela and Carrie were bitter enemies and now… there they are, doing the bidding for the same woman! It’s like they’re in a trance!”

Kings: “I don’t understand what’s gotten into Angela, or Carrie,… or Anna! All three are doing this woman’s bidding!”

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    1. Interesting observation
      But Stephanie did put Kelly on the mystery woman’s warpath.

      And Brandi really wanted that ic title match.

      Trish has got her hands full at the moment.


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