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Angela is in the ring awaiting her opponent, she came out alone. She sort of looks like Anna at the start of the HIAC match last night. She’s just standing there. Not a lot of rhythm to her.

Nikki makes her way down the ramp power walking. She enters the ring and the bell rings.

Nikki approaches Angela and grabs her by the back of the head. Angela is not resisting.

Nikki shoves Angela between her legs and lifts her up for a powerbomb. Nikki thunderously crashes Angela into the ring, causing her to bounce off the mat like a ball. A rapid butt jiggle can be seen each time she bounced off the mat from the massive powerbomb.

Nikki grabs Angela by her hair to drag her upwards to her feet again. She walks Angela to the turnbuckle.

Nikki manuevers Angela so that she’s set up for a powerbomb with Nikki on the top turnbuckle.

JR: “Angela doesn’t seem to be fighting at all, King.”

King: Solemnly, “I’m not sure she’s even awake, JR.”

Nikki jumps off the top rope and delivers a near back-breaking powerbomb off the top rope.

Blood spurts out of Angela’s mouth from the incredibly impactful powerbomb.

The camera gets a look again into Angela’s eyes and it tells the whole story. The eyes say she doesn’t look like she knows where she is. Angela is dizzy.

Nikki finally circles her prey giving her a chance to cough out any remaining blood.

JR: “It looks like Nikki is just taking out frustration. This is really a one-sided match.”

King: “I think that mystery girl just sent Angela out to pasture.”

Nikki presents an excited feeling to this match. She’s feeling really good right now. She feels like her and her sister are going to Survivor Series to destroy Trish and she’ll finally become ‘Immortal.’ She’ll be champion.

Nikki grabs Angela again and lifts her up to her shoulders, for the Rack Attack, “I won’t miss next time Trish!…” Nikki winks to the camera. “…This is what’s happening to you at Survivor Series!”

Nikki effortlessly Rack Attacks Angela. Nikki feels the cracking of her opponent bones after delivering the Rack Attack, the body on her shoulders falls off like slime dripping downward.

Nikki puts her foot over Angela’s chest and flexes for the cover. “I know you’re watching Trish! It’s finally MY TIME!”

A medical team comes out to check on Angela they begin loading her on a gurney bed.

JR: “She needs to be evaluated after that match. I’ll personally give an update on her condition next week. This was sickening. Angela is hurt!”

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    1. The woman’s got three followers at the moment.
      She just found out Steph is rewarding her with an ic title match.
      She wanted to help Steph by giving her a main event for the night.

      She just gave up Angela to be slaughtered.


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