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Both women are solo when in the ring. Torrie with a shoulder tackle to Madison knocking her down.

JR: “Both these women are in need of wins tonight. I’m glad they’re facing off so that at least one of them can get a win.”

Madison gets back up but Torrie knocks her right down again with a second shoulder tackle.

Madison gets back up slower this time after the wind has been knocked out of her.

The busty blonde with a kick to the mid-section and follows up with a DDT.

A hook of the leg.












Madison has just been pinned.

Torrie’s even surprised that her opponent took the pin so easily.

Torrie’s arms are raised, “That’s right! I won!!”

The crowd boos her anyway.

JR: “ I don’t think she has much to gloat about… but I’m glad she finally won.”

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