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The Beautiful People come out first. The usual ‘well-glued group’ isn’t there anymore. Madison doesn’t seem to know she’s become the black sheep of the group.

Lines can be visually seen; dissension between the rest of the group and Madison.

Alexa and Lana make their way out. They’re both all smiles as they head to the ring for their match. They both have surprises for who their partners are for each other. Both thinking they’re going to one-up the other.

“Promise you won’t be mad with my choice.” Lana states.

“As long as you don’t get mad at mine.” Alexa quickly responds.

Brandi comes out next to a big pop. She comes out ready for battle.

Lana just watches stone-faced from the ring. She changes colors in the ring due to the lighting for Brandi’s entrance. But she doesn’t look happy. “Brandi is not a good partner!”

Alexa playfully nudges her partner, “Come on, she’s perfect! She’s an Ugly People hunter!”

The Beautiful People look rather amused with this oddball dynamic.

Brandi enters the ring and hugs Alexa and offers to shake Lana’s hand. Lana just turns to the entrance ramp waiting for her partner choice to come out.

The Beautiful People exit the ring leaving Madison in the ring as she looks to start the match off.

Torrie’s music plays.

The Beautiful People are laughing from their side of the ring.

Alexa and Brandi look at each other confused, “There’s no fuckin’ way!” Brandi exclaims.

Alexa then looks to Lana confused. She seems to be the only one happy to see her come out.

“That’s not our partner is it Lana! Why is she here LANA?!” Alexa demands.

“You brought Brandi! You know already I don’t like Brandi!” Lana fires back.

Torrie comes out waving to her partners, “Let’s kick some ass girls!”

Alexa is throwing a tantrum in the ring, “You know damn well now what she did to me! She stink-faced me!!!!”

Torrie enters the ring, “I’m finally teaming with ‘mini-trish’ and the ‘trish-wannabe!’”

The bell rings.

The BP are laughing hysterically in the corner over the predicament.

Madison steps up, “I’m sorry I can’t! This is priceless!”

Brandi Rhodes walks up to Madison, and back-hands her across the face stiffly, knocking Madison silly. Brandi takes black-sheep under her arm and sets her up for Stratusfaction. She connects in the center of the ring, and hooks the leg.














The BP aren’t laughing anymore, they’re mouths are hanging open in shock that their black-sheep was eliminated so quickly.

“I’m done Alexa, you’re on your own now!…” Brandi shouts.

Velvet enters the ring.

“…The odds are even!” With that, Brandi turns her attention to an unsuspecting Sky and kicks her between the legs.

Velvet jumps in pain and falls to the ground, grasping her groin in pain.

The ref rings the bell for the DQ.

Brandi exits the ring and begins her walk up the ramp, she never looks back.

JR: “The bad blood between Brandi and Torrie boiled over, King. Brandi didn’t want to work with Torrie!”

King: “She turned her back on the whole team.”

JR: “She’s leaving while the odds have been even though.”

Torrie knows the chaos she’s causing for her team and is relishing in it. She’s sort of an opportunist, and wants to show she’s a good pick for the team, in the eyes of Lana. Torrie enters the ring to take advantage of downed foe. “I can handle this one lil Trish and Lana.”

To be continued…

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