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JR: “The Mystery Woman’s in the ring right now. She’s accompanied by Anna and Carrie Underwood in her corner.”

The referee begins the count.

JR: “The referee has started the 10 count. If Kelly doesn’t come down for her IC Title match against the Mystery Woman, then she’ll be forfeiting her match!”








KING: “It doesn’t look like Kelly’s going to be coming down for this match after what happened earlier.”

JR: “This may end up being a forfeit if she doesn’t come out King!”










Kelly’s music hits and the crowd erupts.


Kelly comes down walking down the ramp, carrying the title. She doesn’t look like she’s in the best shape as she holds her sides in pain.

Carrie and Anna don’t look pleased with Kelly coming down.

Mystery Woman is smiling in the ring as her opponent wobbles down the ramp.

KING: “A champion until the end.”

Kelly enters the ring and hands the title to the ref.

The ref asks her if she’s sure she wants to continue with the match.

Kelly screams at the referee, “START THE DAMN MATCH!”

The crowd cheers loudly. A cheer so loud it rivals Trish’s.

JR: “She’s showing a lot of heart right now! Unbelievable!”

The bell rings and the match is underway.

Kelly falls forward aggressively, until she lands on all fours.

The Mystery Woman smiles as she walks towards her opponent. The walk turns into a sprint.

Kelly’s arms seem to be shaking, as if she trying to fight what she’s doing… like she’s having serious conflicting emotions right now.

JR: “Every time that Mystery Woman gets intimate with her challengers, they end up just forfeiting and loosing their matches! Carrie is obsessed with being at her side. Anna joined after a make-out session, Angelina joined the group after HIAC, now Kelly is on all fours giving herself up!”

The Mystery Woman K-2s Kelly into the canvas.

She follows up with a cover and the win.

The New Intercontinental Champion, The Mystery Woman.

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    1. I need Kelly elsewhere on the card.
      I needed the IC title off of her while still keeping her looking strong.
      She lost the title due to mind games. It wasn’t a clean loss. She’s got plenty of story in her so she’s fine.


      1. I don’t want to give away where she’s going. But her loss was flukey. So she was protected in her loss.

        She was also just needed elsewhere on the card. She’s got more story so she’s doing just fine.
        A loss here just built more story for her.


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