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Alexa is still seething in the corner.

“Talk to me Alexa! We need to strategize!” Lana pleads as she reaches for her smaller friend.

“No! Don’t touch me! I’m very upset right now!”

Back inside the ring, Torrie grabs the hair of Velvet and pulls her to her feet.

Velvet’s still trying to recover from the low blow, she’s not putting much of a fight.

The ‘Mania Main-Eventer’ walks her sensitive opponent to her team’s corner.

Alexa drops down off the apron. “Don’t even think about tagging me, YOU BITCH!”

Lana looks embarrassed for Alexa right now.

“Don’t worry I wasn’t going to tag you in. It’s feeding time!” Torrie spats.

After the bombshell has thrown her opponent into the corner, she begins kicking her in the stomach. To kick her down into the ground. She wants her seated in the corner.

“Look Alexa! She’s going to humiliate this Ugly Person!” Lana proclaims.

Torrie has Velvet right where she wants her now, seated in the corner, she’s ripe to be fed to a hungry ass.

Torrie turns around and pulls down her trunks to reveal a thong barely covering her bubbly ass.

Lana jumps up the apron and holds down Velvet’s head in place, making it face upward so the meal can be proper for Torrie’s ass.

Velvet screams, “NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!”

Torrie backs her ass up into one of the most Beautiful People in the Beautiful People’s group.

“This isn’t personal Velvet; this is just something I’ve really needed…” Torrie coos.

Torrie’s ass capsules Velvet’s face. It gets gyrated against as Velvet’s beautiful face gets consumed. Torrie’s buttcheeks grab hold of the temple of Velvet. Torrie wipes her ass with the face of Velvet. Moving up and down as she presses against her face.

Since it’s been some time since Torrie’s ass has eaten, it kinda looks like Torrie ass is literally eating Velvet’s face like a red velvet cake.

Torrie wanted to do this in front of Alexa for good measure, hence bringing Velvet to their corner.

The beaten heel is beginning to lose consciousness; she can’t breathe anymore. Because of the way Lana is holding her head up in place for Torrie to grind against.

“OMG! I have an itch… gimme some teeth to scratch that itch I have back there… please…” Torrie begs.

Lana looks twisted as she tries to open Sky’s mouth to expose some teeth. She pulls on Velvet’s cheeks to get some teeth exposure. She thinks this will give Torrie a good scratch.

Alexa stands there looking traumatized by both Torrie and Lana’s actions.

Alexa heads over to the timekeeper area and grabs a chair.

The ref calls for the bell. “She’s passed out. She’s done!”

Alexa enters the ring and drills Torrie’s abs with the steel chair. Then proceeds to crush it over the spine of Torrie, knocking her down.

Lana stands outside the ring, shocked.

Alexa tosses the chair out of the ring and exits it.

She then walks up the ramp, not looking back.

Lana chases her half-way up the ramp, “WHAT ARE YOU DOING???!!! WHY DID YOU… COME BACK!!!”

Due to the rapid action the referee finally declares Velvet Sky has been eliminated, Alexa Bliss is DQ’d. Torrie and Lana are left to battle Angelina and Lacey.

Angelina dashes over to Torrie and covers her.








King: “Lana better get back to the match!”








Lana runs back to the ring.







Torrie has been eliminated.

JR: “It’s down to Angelina and Lacey vs. Lana!”

Lana enters the ring and slugs it out with Angelina.

She ends up getting the upper-hand slugging Angelina into the ropes.

She whips her off the ropes.

Lana backdrops Angelina onto her back.

Lacey enters the ring and grabs Lana by her throat. She lifts her up and chokeslams her into the middle of the ring.

Lacey demands a tag from Angelina.

Angelina wants to cover Lana.

“TAG ME! I WANT TO PIN HER!” Lacey demands.

Angelina begrudgingly tags Lacey.

Lacey pins Lana for the win.

Here are your Survivors, Lacey Vonn Erich and Angelina.

The Survivors arms are raised in victory.

Lacey screams to the camera, “The Beautiful People are BACK!”

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