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Ended up scrapping the Kelly Interview. Didn’t think it would work.

Kelly Vs. Bri Bella

Bri is in the ring. Kelly makes her way out. The crowd cheers wildly. She’s become the top baby face in the business right now. Kelly marches down the ramp looking to kick-ass. Kelly enters the ring.

The referee signals for the bell and the match is on.

Kelly goes to punch Bri and nails it. Kelly continues punching Bri as Bri is sent reeling. Kelly grabs Bri by the back of the head and goes to bang Bri’s head against the turnbuckle. Kelly dribbles Bri’s head like a basket ball on the top turnbuckle. Bri breaks free of the assault and stammers away from Kelly. Kelly’s not allowing Bri a breather. Kelly runs over to Bri as Bri turns around. Kelly launches into the air for running hurricanranna. Bri is sent spinning into the air.

The crowd begins chanting “KELLY KELLY!”

Bri rolls to the outside to separate herself from Kelly. Kelly watches as Bri tumbles to the ground. Bri is beat; after that assault from Kelly. Bri rolls under the ring. Kelly tells the referee to go get her or count her out.

The ref heads over to check why Bri rolled under the ring.

Suddenly from the other side of the ring, Bri Bella emerges. She’s noticeably bigger. Her boobs are larger. Her booty is bigger, she’s more curvier. Bri enters the ring with brass knucks and bashes Kelly from behind with the Brass knucks.

King: “That’s not Bri that’s Nicki! I can tell them apart JR!”

Kelly is down in the ring. The ref heads back into the ring. Wondering how Bri moves that fast to the other side of the ring. Nicki then grabs Kelly and throws her outside of the ring. Nikki takes Kelly and shoves her head between her legs. Nikki continues to position herself so that she’s in front of the announce table. Nikki then lifts Kelly up for a powerbomb. Nikki sends Kelly crashing down through the table. Exploding the announce booth into pieces.

The ref rings the bell to end the match.

“Here is your winner Bri Bella!”

Bri emerges from under the ring and goes to hug Nikki. Bri and Nikki give Kelly the “L” sign for loser.

Bri goes to pick up Kelly. Bri picks her up so that Kelly is in a seated position on the floor. Bri holds Kelly up from behind.

Nikki heads over to the unconscious Kelly.

Once Nikki is in front of Kelly she begins gyrating her pelvis into the face of the young, beautiful Kelly Kelly. Nikki spins around so that she can desecrate the face of Kelly with her ass too.

Nikki dances her ass backward into the lovely, face of Kelly. Nikki twerks her big ass against Kelly until finally settling with smearing her ass up against Kelly’s face. Bri holds Kelly steady as Nikki bounces her ass against the gorgeous face of Kelly. Nikki dances away from Kelly and Bri throws her to the ground.

Kelly is in the fetal position as Nikki and Bri raise their arms to end this segment.

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      1. Yup, this is where the story was going for Paige and Trish.

        I won’t say when someone is winning a title. I’ll never say things like, “oh, Trish is winning at TLC” or “Kelly’s winning the title at mania.”

        I don’t do spoilers. So all I will say about Kelly and the title is wait see


      2. But this is the problem with everyone doing these sites they are stuck on Trish. People need to move on from her already and Trish was a slave to Ariel she shouldn’t be no champion

        Liked by 1 person

      3. So is everyone also doing a site where Paige was on top? I doubt it.

        Paige on top was new, but you still had issue with her run. It wasn’t a Trish Stratus show during that time. In fact Trish had a losing streak going for some time.

        Trish is still Ariel’s slave.

        What’s driving everything on the site are storylines. This is most important to me. As I write these stories I’m feeling that it needs to go in certain directions.


      4. But Trish had to be the champion? You could have gone any way possible and you ended the same spot as everyone else

        And by the way Paige as champion has been done a few times 😉

        Liked by 1 person

      5. Well if u see it as an end I can’t help that.
        The story goes on.
        And I’ve read Kelly as champ on ur site and sportsmusicwomen site so that’s not true at all.
        There’s only three peoples sites I go to. Idk what anyone else has


      6. Idk if there’s room. I’ve thought about it a lot. I want to stick to the limited format I do.
        The title is a crutch to support storylines.
        For now I’m fine with one. Perhaps they’ll be more in the future.


    1. Hmmmm so u were one of Kelly’s biggest supporters. Because you were invested in her she was written better.

      Once you said u were no longer reading her push kinda faded. She became less of a priority. and since survivor series she’s kinda faded into the background a bit.

      So since you are reading I’m more inclined to position her better. But still, Kelly is going to go through ups and downs and this is another time where it’s down. She’s written with long term plans in mind and the goal is to write for her into mania.


      1. So you dropped one of your top stars because I wasn’t reading? You should push her better she deserves a title and she still keeps getting cheated

        Liked by 1 person

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