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Lacey is in the ring with the Beautiful People, Angelina Love & Velvet Sky.

“Last week on RAW I made a statement! We made a statement! Whomever messes with the Beautiful People will be humiliated! We will destroy whomever messes with the Beautiful People!” Lacey points to the tron, “This is what happens when you mess with the Beautiful People!”

Last weeks footage airs. Madison is shown being taken advantage of by the BP.

Angelina feels uncomfortable watching the footage. She led the group alongside Madison and Velvet since the beginning. Watching that footage of what they did to Madison makes Angelina feel rather uncomfortable. Angelina is actually starting to feel like she may have crossed the line last week.

The screen shows all of the graphic footage from last week.

Angelina steps up, having enough. “Stop the footage. Enough already! We get the picture Lace. Everyone understands!”

Lacey looks over Angelina aggressively. “You know, I noticed this last week. There might be more weakness in the Beautiful People. We all knew Madison was the weak link, right Angelina? We all agreed with what we were going to do to Madison? Right Angelina?”

“Right!” Angelina replies.

“As the leader of the Beautiful People, let’s make a match for tonight…” Lacey demands. Lacey wants to book Angelina in a bad position. The Bella twins might be available she thinks to herself.

The crowd boos.

“Angelina, your facing Bri tonight! And neither Sky or I will be in your corner. Your doing this alone!” Lacey grins at her choice.

Angelina questions her, “But Bri always has Nikki in her corner. I could use some back up tonight!”

“I think you got this Angie.” Lacey smiles, before her and Velvet leave the ring.

JR: “Angelina is going against Bri tonight! We all know Nikki will be in Bri’s corner. But Angelina really needs Velvet or… Lacey in her corner tonight!”

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      1. She’ll have a story and feud around the Elimination Chamber and she’ll be gearing up for a mania match around that time.

        As far as championship contender I don’t have that in the cards right now. That’d have to wait until next season.


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