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JR: “This match is happening because of the recent win streak Anna Jay has been on. Anna Jay holds victories over Alexa and Torrie. Anna Jay deserved a spot on the card and she’s landed on the preshow against Carmella.

The Young up and comer Anna Jay is in the ring ready for her next opponent. I can’t believe I got two wins in the past two weeks against Alexa Bliss and Torrie Wilson! If I can knock Carmella off I’ll be 3 for 3.

Carmella stands in the opposite corner. Carmella needs to get a win here tonight if she wants to continue to get booked. Anna Jay already has some big wins over some established superstars. If she can knock her off her perch it could do wonders for her career tonight.

The bell rings for the first match on the preshow.

Carmella with a quick dash towards the rookie. Anna Jay levels her with a beautiful standing dropkick.

Carmella goes down but gets eagerly back up.

Anna Jay runs the rope and lands a crossbody take down, knocking the wind out of Carmella. The weight of Anna Jay crashes down on Carmella like a 50 pound sack of dog food crushing her chest.

Anna Jay is looking to get some more momentum, she runs to the turn buckle and begins climbing the ropes.

JR: “High risk can mean high rewards here!”

Carmella begins getting to her feet.

King: “This is stupid! She’s risking it all for this move that will probably backfire!”

Anna Jay makes it to the top. She eyes her opponent hoping to connect her manuever just right.

Carmella is to her feet already.

Anna Jay moonsaults off of the top turnbuckle.

King: “She’s gonna miss watch!”

JR: “Incoming!”

Anna Jay’s knee hits first against the top of Carmella’s head first. This along with the weight of Anna Jay comes crashing down onto Carmella again.

Carmella collapses hard to the mat with Anna Jay’s knees bashing her face hard.

Anna Jay landed her risky moonsault perfectly.

Anna Jay hooks the leg off of the landing.

JR: “This could be it!”















3! Anna Jay with another victory here tonight.

King: “Well she got lucky. But if she didn’t hit that moonsault she would’ve lost!”

JR: “Come on King! She won!”

Anna Jay’s arm is raised in victory she looks shocked and excited at the same time. “YEEESSSSS I WON! OMG I WON!!!!”

Anna Jay continues to roll.

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