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JR “This doest’t happen all too often but all three women have come out for this next match to the same theme music.”

King: “Thats not unusual!”

JR: “It is when they’re opponents, King.”

Lacey sits on a steel chair by the time keeper awaiting for the match to begin.

Velvet and Angelina are in the ring. They’re ready for battle.

Angelina doesn’t feel like she should even be in this predicament. If anything this feels like Lacey is breaking us up? Angelina thinks to herself. Why is this match happening again?

JR “Lacey is putting two best friends against each other. The BP have dwindled in numbers and yet they’re nastier than ever!”

King “I feel bad for these two friends. I still don’t get why this match is taking place. What does it prove?”

The bell rings and the match is underway.

Angelina offers her hand to be shook. Velvet gladly accepts it.

Velvet and Lacey talked before the match. Lacey was giving her some pointers in her match tonight. Lacey told Velvet she needs to strike first in this match if she wants to win it. That she needs to strike when Angelina is most vulnerable. Velvet sees a vulnerable moment.

Velvet then kicks Angelina in the mid section and DDTs her into the mat.

Lacey looks on proud from her VIP seat.

Angelina is shaken by the lack of sportsmanship. Did she really just take a cheap shot on me??

Velvet with some angry stomps as she kicks away at Angelina. She stuffs her friend with kick after kick looking for an opening that will do more damage with each kick.

Velvet is actually appreciative of the pointers she got from Lacey. She doesn’t win a lot of matches and if she can pull this off tonight it’ll be her biggest solo win yet.

JR: “All’s fair in love and war!”

Velvet picks up Angelina by her head. Trying to get her to her feet.

Lacey yells from her chair, “She’s setting you up for the Pele Kick, Sky! Don’t fall for it!”

Is Lacey giving away my next move??! WTF?! Playing possum, Angelina shoves Velvet just enough away from her. The Pele Kick is still gonna work. It never fails me!

The athletic, Angelina jumps in the air for a Pele Kick.

Velvet has it well scouted, however.

Velvet side steps Angelina.

Angelina misses the kick and lands on her head. What the hell?! I thought I had her right where I wanted her? Angelina rises up confused and holding her head. Because of the way she landed she’s feeling dizzy. She turns to face a very ‘game’ Velvet Sky.

Velvet connects with In Yo Face.

Angelina gets knocked out.

Velvet with a cover.












Velvet wins!

Lacey runs into the ring eagerly raising Velvets arm in victory. “Wow! You really handled that win!” You were great!”

Velvet feels so accomplished right now. This is the biggest win of her career.

Angelina is still laid out. Unconscious on the mat.

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