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JR: “Up next is Torrie Wilson vs. Alexa Bliss. The two opponents have a long history together. Torrie went after Alexa last year because she looked like Trish. Because she looked like Trish, Torrie Wilson was eager to feed her ass with Alexa’s face. Alexa was seen as a mini-Trish, in the eyes of Torrie. Eventually, Torrie smothered Alexa with her ass last year causing Alexa to not want to return to the ring. The humiliation was understandably, too much for her to cope with.

Brandi Rhodes was humiliated by the BP last year at Survivor Series and Brandi Rhodes returned and destroyed the BP.

Alexa was inspired by Brandi’s return and big comeback and they developed a sort of, friendship through their experiences.

After some time, Lana and Alexa also became close. Alexa took on more of the mentoring role and has improved Lana’s game.

Torrie has gotten back into Alexa’s life by getting closer and closer to Lana.

Lana, Torrie, Brandi, and Alexa teamed up together and lost to the BP at Survivor Series, this year.

Lana does feel like Torrie’s trying to help her. Torrie was even willing to team with her enemies, Alexa and Brandi, at Survivor Series.

The other night on RAW, Alexa and Lana were in a heated arguement over Torrie. Lana brought up that Alexa hasn’t beaten Torrie Wilson but Torrie has beaten Alexa. This angered Alexa and Alexa and Torrie have agreed to this Tables match tonight.

Tonight Lana is the special guest referee for Torrie vs Alexa, a bitter rivalry that must be settled. This King, is a  rematch from last year!”

King: “That’s some introduction JR!”




Alexa stands in the ring in her corner. As in-ring introductions are done, the crowd cheers Bliss on. Alexa doesn’t hate Lana. She’s just frustrated with her. She doesn’t like that Lana is forming an alliance with someone who wrecked her life last year.

Alexa’s wants to lead Lana. Of course she gets on her nerves sometimes. But she’s molding Lana’s future.

Opposite Alexa is Torrie Wilson. Her mortal enemy. Torrie is aware of the pain she’s caused Alexa. Last year, her ass tore Alexa apart. But her ass needs to eat too. So Alexa’s face needed to be fed to. But tonight a line is being drawn. Lana needs to choose a side tonight… now.

Torrie believes that in order for Lana to take the next step, Lana needs to follow her lead. She’s a WM main eventer, after all. This isn’t about feeding her ass tonight. This is about feeding the future.

Will Lana continue to grow under Alexa’s tutelage?

Is it time for Lana to grow with Torrie?

Tonight signifies where’s she’s heading.

Lana stands in the ring, in a referee outfit. This match tonight means a lot to Lana. More than maybe even she understands.

The match has officially started. Lana waves her hand to commence this latest chapter.

Alexa and Torrie are looking into each other’s eyes.

They both need to win.

Alexa aggressively takes the first steps into the match.

Alexa aggressively headlocks Torrie. Pulling at her neck. Attempting to break her neck. She has no remorse for this horrible person.

Torrie wriggles Alexa torwards the ropes attempting to get her off of her. She’s able to use the ropes to push Alexa off of her.


Torrie uses the ropes and whips Alexa off the ropes.

Alexa comes aggressively back off the opposite ropes.

Alexa wraps her hands around Torrie’s throat. Takeing her down by the neck. Choking Torrie with her take-down. “Why won’t you just quit!!!! QUIT YOU WITCH!!!”

Alexa normally gets some joy when she’s in the drivers seat of the match. But she’s not getting any joy from this. This is acting on hatred as she continues choking the life out of Torrie.

Lana makes her count to five, knowing this needs to stop at some point.

After Lana feels enough is enough, she pulls Alexa off of Torrie, “Alexa please! Stay focused!”

Alexa shakes Lana off of her, “Don’t touch me!! She deserves this! You said it yourself, she kicked my ass last year!”

“Forget what I even said about you and Torrie! Please focus!” Lana pleads.

Torrie lays their coughing to regain oxygen into her body.

Alexa exits the ring and pulls a table that was lingering on the side by the barricade.

Fortunately for Alexa, Torrie is rolling out of the ring towards her.

She probably doesn’t even know where she is? As soon as Torrie is close enough, Alexa begins punching her in her face before settling her on top of the table on the outside.

Alexa feverishly heads to the top rope wanting to close this chapter of her life.

Alexa climbs the ropes, wanting to end her pain. Alexa does feel quite wicked right now. The image she’s showing to Lana and the world probably isn’t good. She wants this to end quickly not wanting Lana and the world to see her as ugly as she feels right now.

Once Alexa has made it to the top she jumps immediately without thinking.

She lands a twisted bliss over the fallen main eventer.

Lana is full of remorse as Alexa connects her twisted bliss.

Torrie is put through the table.

Alexa sees Lana is about to signal the match is over. Alexa yells to Lana, “No!…” she coughs uncontrollably from the high risk maneuver, “…No! Don’t end this match! I want to do one more!”

Lana throws her arms up in frustration and turns her back to Alexa. It gives Alexa enough of a green light to continue this match.

Alexa sets up another table outside the ring.Alexa wants to hurt Torrie Wilson.

Alexa pulls the old school hall-of-famer to her feet by the hair.

Alexa begins repeatedly, bashing Torrie’s face into the wooden table. Knocking her unconscious enough so she can connect her with her next manuever.

Once Torrie is unaware enough of where she is, Alexa plants Ms. Wilson onto the table.

Alexa looks to the top turnbuckle, knowing she needs to be up there, again.

Lana looks from the ring grimly, knowing that Alexa has been waiting for this day for a long time.

Alexa climbs into the ring. She climbs the turnbuckle.

JR: “Alexa is looking to ends this on her terms! In my eyes she’s already won this!”

King: “No matter what! You know how I feel about high risk maneuvers, JR! But Alexa has to do what she’s gotta do!”

Alexa launches off the top rope hoping to put Torrie away for good.

King: “I can’t watch!”

Alexa uses her own body to put Torrie through the table.

Lana demands for the bell to be rung.

“Here is your winner Alexa Bliss!!!”

Alexa obliterates Torrie Wilson with Twisted Bliss through the table.

Lana exits the ring walking up the ramp. Not wanting to see anymore. After all, Alexa told her to STAY AWAY!

King: “Lana is leaving!”

JR: “Alexa used her body to put Torrie away tonight. But is this everything she’s wanted tonight”

Alexa sits there alone. She’s gotten a custom to Lana always being there after her match. She was expecting Lana to comfort her.

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